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  • Eugenio Montale's Life

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    literature, Eugenio Montale displays his hardships, but also shows us how he overcomes these difficulties and becomes a better person. Montale was one of the most perceptive and varied Italian poets of his century. His first poem, “The Eel”, is from his earlier collections and his other three poems are “The Dead”, “Little Testament”, and “The Prisoner’s Dream.” Most of his poems were written during the second World War and some were published during the Cold War. In these poems, Eugenio Montale often

  • Analysis Of Any Hope Of Ever Seeing You Again By Eugenio Montale

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    Eugenio Montale was an Italian poet who was named the “Greatest Italian poet since Leopardi” (Hecht). He was a hopeless romantic and that translated into his poetry and was the theme for most of it aswell, and the poem Any Hope of Ever Seeing you Again is no exception. The poem Any Hope of Ever Seeing you Again portrays two different sides to a story and can be interpreted in many ways due to its style of writing. Eugenio Montale was born in Genoa in 1896. In WWI he wa an infirmary worker and later

  • Personal Experience

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    Life is full of adventures and experiences. The key to living well is making these experiences as meaningful as possible. I went through a very significant experience, which was actually more of a risk, about two years ago. I was 15 years old and I had to decide whether I would stay in my hometown or move to Monterrey, Mexico. As in every dilemma faced, there are pros and cons that will try to sway you. Time wouldn’t stop and the day of my decision was getting closer and closer; the less time I