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  • Dyer County And The Towns

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    County currently encompasses the three major towns of Dyersburg, Newbern, Trimble, and their surrounding villages. The following will give brief histories of the major towns of Dyer County, the development of industry, and the history of some of the smaller regions of the county, including my home area of Bonicord. Dyer County today is a mixture of rural countryside, and small sections of factories surrounding the major towns with Dyersburg as the largest city in the county. The county is also

  • Dyersburg High School Research Paper

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    doesn’t mean the students are incompetent. The Dyersburg City Schools have produced and shaped many talented athletes and brilliant kids, Just ask the students of the ACT 30+ club or any sports team in the high school. Anyone who’s actually gone to the school system would agree with me and say that they loved the school. Sure it’s not your run of the mill private school with perfect everything, but I would choose this school every day of the week.

  • Dyersburg City School System Case Study

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    The city of Dyersburg, like other municipalities, is continuously changing. The percentages of students’ ethnicity have gradually changed over the years to 48% Caucasian, 43% African American, 6% Hispanic, 2% Asian American, and 1% Native American. However, the staff’s ethnicity is 88% Caucasian, 11% African American, and 1% Hispanic. Dyersburg City School System (DCS) understand that there are benefits but also a definite need for the staff to reflect the student population. DCS recruits the

  • Dialysis Clinical Paper

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    Dialysis Clinical Paper There are a number of different kinds of staff at a standard dialysis clinic. On Thursday when I went, there was a RN who was pretty much in charge of the unit and she had several LPNs and a tech who worked under her guidance. The LPNs and the tech did much of the patient contact work. Like getting a client weighted and into their chair, setting up the dialysis lines and connecting everything up, and monitoring the patient while they were dialyzed. The RN was no less busy

  • Summary Of The Play The Waverly Gallery

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    This play that I saw was at Dyersburg State Community College and the name of the play is The Waverly Gallery. The playwright of this play was Meleia Lewis. The people that present the play were named Lynn Karlgard, Corey Sawyer, Tyler Burns, Jessica Kogers and Bobby Solomon that was the character names and the director and choreographed is Ms. Lewis. The people that did the lighting be Taylor Anderson; sound was Savannah Alis. The play started off very slow but speed up at the end. The characters

  • Positive Influence Of Patients Loyalty In Healthcare Organizations

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    Healthcare organizations want to leave a positive influence with their patients. Leaving a positive influence on the patients will make them want to return to your health care facility in the future and utilize your services. A healthcare organization needs to build loyalty within their patients. “Reflecting a broader trend in business metrics, healthcare organizations are increasingly building customer loyalty (in their case, patient loyalty measures) into their existing satisfaction surveys (Blizzard

  • Walk Of Hope: A Self Analysis

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    One of my favorite things to do is play soccer, and I play for the Lady Rebels at OCCHS as well as the Dyersburg Lady Wolves of the Jackson Futbol Club. I am active with Obion County 4-H, and through it I am involved in various community service projects throughout the year with my favorite being the Walk of Hope. I have an interest in most sciences, but I definitely prefer chemistry. I participated in Youth Leadership Obion County and received a great education on how to be an effective leader

  • Team Leader Research Paper

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    his or her option about any decision made. This type of leadership is good for the peer clinical setting that we are working in, as it promotes good working relationships and a healthy learning environment. There was a total of five students at Dyersburg Regional today, for which I was given the team leader role. After starting out like any other day, it turned out to be quite the busy day. Several of the

  • Domestic Violence : A Hidden Problem Essay

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    Domestic violence is a hidden problem in today 's society. I will why domestic violence is important to be educated on. A lot of us do not know about domestic violence, and it is important that we educate ourselves on it. I think it is very important because no should endure any type of violence. I think if you know more about domestic violence, then you might be more likely to prevent yourself from getting in that situation. The statistics of domestic abuse against women has been estimated as high

  • Narrative Essay - Original Writing Essay

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    Adrian Box 9/24/2015 Narrative Essay ENGL 1010-09 - Disbelief, fear, and disappointment filled my mind as I sat in the driver 's car seat tilted back, the smell of smoke and dirt was all I could comprehend. The drivers floorboard and dashboard met with my feet wedged in between being crushed. It did not hurt, my body was numb. My mind was running wild. What just happened to me? In the distance, on that straight, two-way, narrowed road, I saw cars and trucks driving by completely oblivious of how