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  • The Boy - Original Writing

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    Evangeline said “well today 's the day you going to try a Philly cheese steak sandwich”.The boy was so happy he couldn 't wait to try one, the boy had always wanted to try a Philly cheese steak sandwich.Evangeline And the boy got to the Philly cheesesteak stand and while they were waiting for the sandwich  some boys that went to Evangeline and the boys school were walking and they noticed that they boy was taking to Evangeline and the boys thought why is he talking to Evangeline, “how could he get

  • Contagious : Why Things Catch On By Jonah Berger

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    percent of restaurants closed within twelve months of opening their doors and raises up to sixty percent within the first three years. Wein, in a state of urgency, must generate a buzz. The one-hundred dollar Philly Cheesesteak. Wein reimagined Philadelphia’s own Philly Cheesesteak and recreated it, using finer and much more luxurious ingredients than the

  • Penn Station Marketing Strategy

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    corporation that is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio; where its first ever branch was opened in 1985 by Jeff Osterfeld. It is said that the idea for an East Coast sub restaurant came to Jeff when he visited Philadelphia and saw the popularity of the cheesesteak sandwich. History In 1983, Jeff Osterfeld decided to

  • Nifty 50 Research

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    Have you ever been in a restaurant in 1950’s, if not, go to Nifty Fifty. Its like you are going to joint in 1950’s. There is not many restaurants now that are from 1950’s. In my opinion, I think nifty fifty is a unrivaled restaurant is nifty fifty because of their Drinks, food and atmosphere. The drinks are unbelievable, any type of soda; there over 100 different flavors of sodas and milkshake. Soda is only 2.39 for some crazy soda that you will ever have, for example strawberry, orange, coconut

  • Benefits Of Marilyn's Grill

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    casual dining restaurant uses the finest ingredients and provides an affordable and relaxed environment. If you are curious about what makes them one of the best restaurants in the area, just ask anyone in the community about their signature burger and cheesesteak entrees. Here are a few reasons why it is always better to choose a local restaurant when you are dining out: Healthier Options: Many of today’s local restaurants pride themselves on using locally grown ingredients from nearby farmers. This gives

  • Warehouse Manager Interview Paper

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    What is your current employment situation? Inventory Auditor at Startpoint Protective Services, responsible for checking orders and shipments to ShopRite Supermarkets in region. Why would you leave your current employer (if applicable)? Looking for something closer to Philadelphia, currently working for Startpoint Protective Services in Hatfield PA What are your current salary requirements? Currently making $12.50, would like $12.50 or more an hour Please describe your current work duties. Darnell’s

  • Bonjour Executive Summary

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    opening around the clock. The drive through section will only be open from 9PM – 9AM (12 hours shift). The location will provide free, off-street parking with access and egress onto two streets. (Broad and Snyder). It will serve pizza, Stromboli, cheesesteaks, breakfast, hoagies, and beverages. Due to the location of Bonjour, it is not likely to exceed capacity due to market competition and limited growth potential in the area. Bonjour will have a partnership with Ace Mart for Kitchen and Dining Room

  • New Flavors From Incredible Popcorn

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    New Flavors from Incredible Popcorn Do you feel bored with the common taste of popcorn? Welcome to Incredible Popcorn. This popcorn seller will comfort and provides what your taste wants because the seller understands the variety of each person. Since everyone is different, so the favorite taste and flavor of anything will be different too. The various of flavor will help you to know if the world is too wide to escape to visit. What kind of flavors you never try? Flavors from Incredible Popcorn Innovation

  • What Is Gettysburg A Fun Place

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    Gettysburg is a small borough and an important county seat of Adams. It is situated in the US state of Pennsylvania. The beautiful borough hosts a fabulous and historical park, ‘Gettysburg National Military Park’ for the visitors. Tourism is one of the main nerve of this town. It means the place is home to many museums like Gettysburg National Military Park. What is the best thing than to start your activities from Children's Museums. It is such an amazing place for your kids because this fun place

  • Descriptive Essay About Philadelphia

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    Known as the city of “Brotherly Love”, Philadelphia represents a city steeped in rich sports history and tradition. Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, I quickly experienced firsthand the spirit and life of the magnificent city I call my own. Defined by a permeating “never-say-die” attitude Philadelphia sports history contains many highs and lows. However, no highpoint stands as apparent for Philadelphia sports fans as the 2008 World Series. October baseball possesses a unique feeling that