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  • Identity in the Works of Eavan Boland and Seamus Heaney Essay

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    Identity in the Works of Eavan Boland and Seamus Heaney Many times poetry is reflective of the author’s past as well as their personal struggles. One struggle that poets write about is of identity and the creation, as well as loss, of individual identities. Using a passage from the essay Lava Cameo by Eavan Boland, I will show how two poets use their craft to describe their struggle with identity. Eavan Boland and Seamus Heaney both write poems which express an internal struggle with roles of

  • Literary Devices In The Pomegranate Poem

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    children have to go through an inevitable period of emotional and physical maturity before reaching adulthood. “The Pomegranate” intensively depicts a maturing teenage daughter and the complicated relationship she now has with her mother. In the poem, Eavan Boland uses multiple literary techniques such as allusion, various syntaxes, and symbolism to underscore the complex

  • Summary Of Object Lessons By Eavan Boland

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    In Object Lessons, Eavan Boland claims that poetry is fundamentally gendered—and is thus flawed—because of its tendency to encourage the poet to objectify female subjects through the use of “metaphors, invocations, similes, and muses,” as well as through “custom, convention, language, [and] inherited image.” (Boland 27-28). That is: she believes that it is natural, almost instinctive, for both male and female poets to embrace a certain style of writing in their poetry which unfairly forces the women

  • The Necessity Of Irony By Yusef Komunyakaa And Eavan Boland

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    Yusef Komunyakaa and Eavan Boland illustrate their personal experiences in order to emphasize how mistakes or tragic events will follow you for the rest of your life. The events that occur personally will haunt you every second of your life until you come to terms with them. The poems “Facing It” and “The Necessity of Irony” both reflect on past memories by using similar language and tone in order to realize what is truly important in life for a better future. At first glance, the reader notices

  • It's A Womans World By Eavan Boland

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    In the poem “It’s a Woman’s World,” Eavan Boland uses many poetic devices such as alliteration, simile, and enjambment in order to explain life from a woman’s point of view and how women have lived the same since the beginning of time. In the beginning of the poem, the speaker states that women “milestone / [their] lives with oversights -- / living by the lights / of the loaf left / by the cash register…” The alliteration of the letter ‘l’ is used to emphasize the meaning of the statement

  • Analysis Of It's A Womans World By Eavan Boland

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    In “It’s a Woman's World,” Eavan Boland utilizes several literary techniques to reveal the poem’s complex conception of a “woman’s world.” Boland sheds light on the static nature of a woman’s role in society, which sparks their desire to overcome the societal limitations that is put upon them by men. Through her sarcastic title, use of personification, and critical tone, Boland is able to expose both genders stereotypical responsibilities and to convey society’s desire to silence women’s outrage

  • Analysis Of It's A Woman's World By Eavan Boland

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    Eavan Boland’s poem “It’s a Woman’s World” illuminates the fact that history has shaped an unfair role for women in today’s society. Boland criticizes the gender bias with regards to the limitations placed on women and their job choices despite their ability to be just as successful in the workplace as men. Regardless of the fact that the bias against women in the workplace is often overlooked, Boland aims to show the shared reaction of women to the gender bias prevalent in our society by using short

  • Revisionist Mythmaking: Revising History And Myth, By Eavan Boland

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    Revisionist Mythmaking: Revising History and Myth A clear indication of Eavan Boland's feminist poetry is her revision of history and myth. In her book Critical Survey of Poetry: Irish Poets, Rosemary M. Canfield Reisman says that ''Hearth and history provide a context for the poetry of Eavan Boland. She is inspired by both the domestic and the cultural'' (Reisman, 35). Like Carol Ann Duffy (explained in chapter three), Boland claims a voice for women by challenging the masculinized institutions

  • It's A Womans World By Eavan Boland Analysis

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    with an overall feeling and figure out by context clues how the author’s feelings were of the subject as well. “It’s a Woman’s World” written by Eavan Boland goes through the struggles and restraints society hold to being a woman. The speaker had a complex with it being a “Women’s word” and you can see that through diction, imagery and symbolism. Boland uses strong diction such as “burning plume” and gored its basket grim harvest,” (Lines 29, 30, and 39) to set an example of the complex she possess

  • Eavan Boland and Eilean Ni Chuilleanain Poetry Analysis

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    poets. There are many factors that contribute to this. This essay will use two Irish female poets and their work in order to outline these factors. Eavan Boland and Eilean Ni Chuilleanain are both female Irish poets whose work focuses primarily on the issue of identity as a fragile, constructed thing. This essay will use close examination of both Boland and Ni Chuilleanain’s work in order to explore how two separate female poets deal with the topic of identity. It will primarily focus on female identity