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  • Over The Summer I Started Watching

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    show is. If you haven’t watched “Shameless”, I highly recommend doing so, because the show is not only entertaining, but it’s a wake-up call and a reality check on things happening in your own life. I’ll start you off with the basics: Starring Emmy Rossum and William Macy, the show focuses on a very abnormal family, living in the ghetto of Chicago, the Gallagher’s. Macy plays Frank, the alcoholic (and mostly absent) father of six kids. The eldest of the kids

  • Summary Of The Movie Beautiful Creatures

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    were only a few examples of what he did. Philippe Rousselot is the director of the photography for Beautiful Creatures. The main members of the cast are Alden Ehrenreich (Ethan Wate) Alice Englert (Lena Duchannes) Jeremy Irons (Macon Ravenwood) Emmy Rossum (Ridely Duchannes) Emma Thompson (Sarafine) and Viola Davis (Amma Treadeau). The plot of the movie is about Ethan who lives in a small town called Gatlin in South Carolina. He wishes to move far away from his hometown for college

  • The Fundamentals Of Caring By Rob Burnett

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    The Fundamentals of Caring Evaluation The Fundamentals of Caring directed by Rob Burnett who is a five time Emmy award winner and a 31 time Emmy nominee. Rob Burnett started off as an intern for David Letterman and then was head writer for Everybody Loves Raymond. Later in 2012 he created an independent movie called We Made This Movie and then went on to create The Fundamentals of Caring in 2016. The Fundamentals of Caring is different; it was the final movie shown at Sundance and goes beyond

  • Amalie Emmy Noether

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    Math, Not by the Numbers Amalie Emmy Noether By: Nolan LaFrance Ms. Kaylon Cantrell We have been assigned an extra credit math project to create a paper on a famous mathematician. My first thought was what man should I choose. After all, aren’t all great mathematicians men? Well, I have decided to research and find a great female mathematician. I have selected Amalie Emmy Noether. I have chosen Amalie Emmy Noether to show everyone that a famous mathematician can be a lady. Today we won’t

  • Emmy Noether Biography

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    Emmy Noether was born on March 23, 1882 in Erlangen, Germany. Her real name is Amalie but she was always called Emmy. She was the oldest of four children but one of only two that survived childhood. Growing up she was always around math because her father, Max Noether, was a noted mathematician of his time. Emmy didn’t grow up interested in math like her father, instead, she wanted to study language. Her main focus was French and English. Around the time of her high school graduation, she passed

  • Erin Jansen's Article: Texting And Creative Screenage

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    Once an Emmy Award winner, the notably known writer Robert MacNeil, in his article “English Belongs to Everybody”, sets a high bar for comparison with Erin Jansen’s “Texting and Creative Screenage”, in terms of constructing a credible and persuasive ethos. Using the two argument articles, this essay will compare both authors based on the use of the Aristotelian analysis, the topics of invention, as well as the use of adequate citations, and how they were able to invest these two methods to produce

  • Albert Einstein's Role In The Life Of Emmy Noether

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    Likened to Albert Einstein, Emmy Noether didn’t care for her appearance and rather preferred to be judged on her mental capabilities. She played a pivotal role in the creation of abstract algebra, as well as a collaborator on multiple crucial cases one of which involved equipping a formula to Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. She was eccentric at times, unkempt, didn’t wear the traditional clothing for a woman of her time, and above all else she was brilliant in a time when women’s minds were

  • Swot Analysis Of Netflix

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    What would you do if Netflix stocks utterly crashed and you possessed ten percent of those stocks? Netflix is a colossal company that concentrates essentially on their streaming services. It is significant to center on its statistics and finance placement in the world. To start off, Netflix is a colossal company that provides streaming and other types of services to make revenue. Netflix is a humongous company with a market cap of 83.084 billion dollars (Summary). Next, Netflix founded by Mr. Reed

  • Analysis Of Ellen Lee Degeneres 's ' The Daughter Of Betty Degeneres '

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    faced a storm of criticism. But the show also received rounds of applause from gay-friendly activists—including DeGeneres 's mother, Betty DeGeneres, who appeared on numerous talk shows in support of her daughter. Despite a supportive audience, an Emmy Award for the coming-out episode and the show 's groundbreaking place in television history, Ellen was canceled in 1998. But DeGeneres had already made the move to the big screen, starring in the dark comedy Mr. Wrong (1996)

  • Ellen Degeneres : The Life Of The Life For People's Life

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    Ellen Degeneres once stated, “Find out who you are and be that person. That’s what your soul was put on this Earth to be. Find the truth, live that truth and everything else will come.” Despite her sexuality differences from others, Ellen makes it possible for people who live with differences to be one that they desire to be. She does not believe that race, religion, nor sexuality affects a person. She believes in freedom and equal rights for everyone. Ellen also demonstrates many leadership qualities