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  • Self Evaluation Essay On Fettuccine Alfredo

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    Adult Comment: The fettuccine alfredo was delicious! The lemon juice in this recipe gave the dish a nice balance between salty, sweet and sour. Also, the nutmeg gave the dish an amazing depth of flavour. The appearance of the plate was also really well presented. It was simple and clean with no sauce on the outer parts of the plate. Amanda also prepared this recipe really well. At the beginning she made sure she had all of her ingredients and right measurements and had all her equipment needed.

  • Descriptive Essay On Olive Garden

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    Olive Garden is a family friendly restaurant that specializes in Italian-American dishes, and is well known for their soup, salad, and breadsticks. My family and I ate dinner at Olive Garden in Lafayette, Indiana. The criteria used to rate our experience was the flavor, appearance, and healthfulness of the food, the prompt and efficiency of the service, the price of the meal, and the lighting and decor of the atmosphere. When it comes to the best service, food, price, and atmosphere Olive Garden

  • Comparing Zucchini Fettuccine With Rosemary Butternut

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    Zucchini fettuccine with Rosemary Butternut Creme Sauce Preparation Time: 1 hour 10 minutes INGREDIENTS 1 butternut squash 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, divided 1 medium yellow onion, chopped 2 garlic 2 teaspoons of dried crushed rosemary 1 cup of full fat canned coconut milk ½ cup of vegetable or chicken broth ½ teaspoon of sea salt 1 pound of shiitake sliced mushrooms 3 pounds of zucchini spiralized into fettuccine Freshly ground black pepper to taste INSTRUCTIONS 1. Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees

  • Bobby: A Short Story

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    “Thank you, I look forward to your call.” Marco would come through, he always had before. His charming, well-spoken and polished exterior belied a cunning and ruthless man, unafraid of breaking every societal to rule to get what he wanted., just like Bobby. Bobby leaned back in his chair and loosened his belt a notch. He put his feet up on his desk, crossing them at the ankles. A wave of sorrow swept over him causing a lump in his throat. The realty of Marty's death became palpable in moments

  • Hijacked by Pinterest

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    Really? Not again. I've been hijacked. I've just spent three hours on Pinterest searching for a new recipe for dinner. I don't know if I should be ashamed or excited. I did find a pretty amazing recipe for roasted red pepper Alfredo though. However, I did just lose three hours of my time. I could of finished various tasks in those three hours. I'll be the first one to admit it: smart technology is making me dumb. People like me rely on smart technology for too many things: phone books, directions

  • My Food Experience Has Changed Your View On Other Foods

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    mom was in the kitchen making chicken Alfredo for the first time. She took out some Parmesan cheese, fettuccine, heavy cream, butter, salt, pepper, garlic, and chicken. After taking everything out, she took out a pan and cut the chicken into strips and seasoned it with salt and pepper. Then she sauté it in butter. She then took out a pot where she put some water and salt and added the fettuccine and took out a pot and simmered the garlic cloves in cream. After a few minutes, she poured the cream

  • Importance Of Technology In America Essay

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    The world today has many gifts than the late 1900s. We have new technologies and resources. People are finding ways to go to Mars, inventing self-driving cars, and things to keep us safe during natural disasters. These are many gifts America has given my generation, such as technology, culture, and education. One gift is technology, technology is an everyday thing. Self-driving cars are electric. Video games are evolving from pixels to VR consoles. Phones can talk back and can call worldwide

  • Example Of Premium Pasta Maker

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    Premium Pasta Maker: Instructions on How to Use: You first need to mix up your ingredients for the dough, of course. Make sure that the dough is not so moist that it will stick to your pasta maker. Also, make sure that the dough is not too dry, or it will fall apart when it comes out. Mother thing that makes it easier when using this pasta maker is to have two people working it. One will need to hold on to the dough and feed it in while another turns the crank to make sure that the dough does not

  • Marozzi's Delicate Authentic Italian Restaurant

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    for getting the most out of any dining experience in Italy: Know The Terms: If you’re dining in an Italian restaurant based in the U.S., you can ask for pepperoni pizza. But in Italy, “peperoni” is the plural form of the word “pepper.” Likewise, “fettuccine alfredo” is not a common term in Italy; instead, ask for any pasta with

  • Australia's Multi-Cultural Society

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    Today, Australia is a multi-cultural society and a variety of the Italian foods and drinks which altered the Australian cuisine, since their migration and are now currently the largest cultural group in Australia. The Italians migrated to Australia between the 1945 and 1970 because of the suffering of struggling to find employment, lack of food and housing, as a result of the current wars (including WWII). Over 33,000 Italians migrated during July 1947 – 1950 to Sydney and Melbourne, as there was