Self Evaluation Essay On Fettuccine Alfredo

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Adult Comment: The fettuccine alfredo was delicious! The lemon juice in this recipe gave the dish a nice balance between salty, sweet and sour. Also, the nutmeg gave the dish an amazing depth of flavour. The appearance of the plate was also really well presented. It was simple and clean with no sauce on the outer parts of the plate. Amanda also prepared this recipe really well. At the beginning she made sure she had all of her ingredients and right measurements and had all her equipment needed. The cleanup went really well. She cleaned all the dishes and tools used and put them back in the drawers. Amanda also wiped down the counters to make everything spotless! This dish was really delicious!

Self-Evaluation: I think this dish went pretty well! The fettuccine alfredo tasted really good however, I think there was a bit too much of lemon juice. But overall, I think it tasted good. I believe that the dish …show more content…

I’m personally a fan of lemon so this was just amazing. The amount of lemon was perfect to give it the perfect ‘zing’. The cookie had an incredibly smooth texture and the glaze was simply perfect. They also looked really nice. The bits of lemon zest gave them a pop of colour. Just like the other dishes, Amanda made sure to have all of her equipment and ingredients ready. The cleanup was also really well done. She put away of everything she used and wiped down the counters! These cookies were amazing!

Self-Evaluation: I enjoyed this recipe the most! I really liked the way they cookies came out. The cookies and glaze had the perfect consistency. This recipe also had the perfect amount of lemon in it. They also look really nice! The majority of cookies turned out the same size and shape. I chose this dish because my mom and I love lemon! I prepared this recipe by taking out the equipment and ingredients I needed. I cleaned up everything I used and wiped down the counters. Loved these

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