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  • Bring Back Flogging

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    Bring Back Flogging This essay by Jeff Jacoby illustrates an authors use of ironic sarcasm otherwise known as satire to defend and illustrate his platform on his position. Jacoby uses in this essay verbal irony (persuasion in the form of ridicule). In the irony of this sort there is a contrast between what is said and what is meant. Jacoby 's claim in simple is he believes that flogging should be brought back to replace the more standard conventional method of the imprisonment of violent

  • Bring Back Flogging

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    Bring Back Flogging Every civilized society makes laws that protect its values, and society expects from every single person to obey to these laws. Whenever a person from this society breaks one of those laws, the rulers of the society punish him or her either by putting the person behind bars, whipping him or her, or exiling the person. A great debate has been raging since human society started. Some say that depriving a wrongdoer from his or her freedom is the best way to deter him or her from

  • Bring Back Flogging Essays

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    Bring Back Flogging" During seventeenth century flogging was a popular punishment for convicted people among Boston's Puritans. Fortunately, those times have passed and brutal and inhuman flogging was replaced by imprisonment. Columnist for the Boston Globe, Jeff Jacoby in his essay "Bring back flogging" asserts that flogging is superior to imprisonment and advocates flogging as an excellent means of punishment. He is convinced that flogging of offenders after their first conviction can prevent

  • Bring Back Flogging Essay

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    In “Bring Back Flogging” Jeff Jacoby, a columnist for the Boston Globe, presents the use of corporal punishment as an alternative to the current system of imprisonment. Published in February of 1997, the article states that flogging would be a more effective means of punishment than jail. He insists it would be less expensive and serve as a deterrent to first time offenders. Jacoby’s thoughts on prison reform are legitimate, but his reasoning behind the use of corporal punishment is flawed. He fails

  • Do Not Bring Back Flogging Essay

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    Flogging…What is it? What purpose does it serve? For those of us who have never heard of flogging, flogging refers to “beating with a whip or strap or rope as a form of punishment” (“Flogging” 1). Throughout the 1600s, flogging was utilized by “Boston’s Puritan Forefathers” (Jacoby 1) as a method of corporal punishment for various crimes. Progressing forward, Jeff Jacoby, columnist for The Boston Globe, provides readers with his view of “Boston’s Forefathers’” system of punishment in his essay, “Bring

  • Jeff Jacoby’s Bring Flogging Back

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    In Jeff Jacoby’s essay Bring Flogging Back, he discusses whether flogging is the more humane punishment compared to prison. Jacoby uses clear and compelling evidence to describe why prisons are a terrible punishment, but he lacks detail and information on why flogging is better. In the essay he explains how crime has gotten out of hand over the past few decades, which has lead to the government building more prisons to lock up more criminals. His effort to prove that current criminal punishment is

  • Jeff Jacoby's Bring Back Flogging

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    To reintroduce the act of flogging, a form of punishment used centuries ago by several civilizations throughout the world. That is the argument held by Jeff Jacoby in his article “Bring Back Flogging” where he would like to use this method instead of prison sentencing. I believe that for many reasons, this could be an effective change from the criminal and prison system. Jacoby starts the article with four people, three men and a woman who lived in the 1600s, being punished for different crimes

  • Bring Back Flogging Analysis

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    Is Violence the Response to Criminals Actions? In “Bring Back Flogging,” the author, Jeff Jacoby suggests that people should adopt some of the Puritans tactics to punish criminals instead of putting them in prison. Jacoby is basing his claim on the use of irony, logos, and ethos. According to Jeff Jacoby, a moment of humiliation is better than a couple of years behind bars. I do not agree with Jeff Jacoby’s argument because the examples he gives and the way he refers to the topic incite readers

  • Bring Back Flogging By Jeff Jacoby

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    An Analysis for “Bring Back Flogging” In the essay written by Jeff Jacoby in “Bring back Flogging” The article is about how our prisons are over populated with people that are in there because of the none violence crime, which make the inmates to have higher chance of getting rape, beaten, or murder rather than getting whipped and embarrassment in public, that could help them to make better choice in the future and also teaches the public to behave the way that is acceptable in the society. Plus

  • Bring Back Flogging by Jeff Facoby

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    A columnist for the Boston Globe, Jeff Jacoby, in his article, “Bring Back Flogging” published on the op-ed page on February 20, addresses the issue of the deficiency of today’s criminal justice system and attempts to persuade us to bring back flogging as a punishment for certain crime. However, though his syllogism might arouse the reader and educate them on the need for reform, but it fails to convince the reader that corporal punishment is the best option. He supports his argument by providing