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  • I Am A Writer By Franklin W. Dixon

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    writing stories about adventures and mysteries. I like to watch movies with action and then go back and write about the movie, but with my own twist on it. I started to do this after my first discovery of a mystery book called The Hardy Boys by Franklin W. Dixon. Growing up, before I knew how to read, I would enjoy learning about new things and figuring out things on my own. I would try to do things that would be next to impossible for a little kid to do, alone. For example, one day I was playing

  • Hardy Boys The Tower Treasure Summary

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    I have read the Hardy Boys The Tower Treasure by Franklin W. Dixon. The Hardy Boys were delivering paper for their dad on their motorcycles. a blue car went flying by and then it went flying by again. They climbed the hill next to them and delivered the papers. They were going to Chets house to say hi, and they saw the blue car had crashed into a ditch there was no one in the car. They went down Chets driveway and saw that Chet was sad; the man had stolen Chets yellow car. Chet and the Hardy Boys

  • Half The Clip Point-Blank Point Blank Analysis

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    group called the Assassins. In the book Franklin W. Dixon uses description and dialogue to make you feel as if you are in the scene. “‘Your not leaving’ the government man said turning in his seat. ‘Get that clear.’ As the Hardys watched in horror, he emptied half the clip point-blank into their windshield.” Page 37.This quote shows that there is dialogue because the “Gray Man” is talking to the Hardy Brothers. This quote also has description because Dixon described the expression on the Hardy’s

  • Hardy Boys, Wheels Of Fire

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    In the story “Hardy Boys, Wheels of fire” by Franklin W. Dixon Joe and Frank go through many trouble only to stop are car thief. Throughout the story Joe's, the one of the main character's, core belief is tested very harshly. He believes strongly that he must always do the right thing. In the beginning of the story this is hinted at when Joe and Frank are sent out on a mission to try to get proof of the car thieves by setting themselves up to get a 911 Porsche to get stolen. Once they do get stopped

  • The Valley Of The Shadow Archives

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    digitally archived diaries, letters, and newspapers from two neighboring counties, Augusta County, Virginia and Franklin County, Pennsylvania during the Civil War era in the United States. Separated by the Mason-Dixon Line, a line which marked the geography between southern slave states and northern free-slave states, disconnected the southern Augusta County and the northern Franklin County. The archives focus on the Pre-war, war time, and post war views of the Counties inhabitants based on religion

  • Analysis Of The Book ' The Hardy Boys '

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    The Hardy Boys series written by various authors, all under the pseudonym Franklin W. Dixon has been around for a very long time. Their first appearance was in 1927, and they have survived numerous reboots and reprints since then. Part of their charm, especially for kids, is that, unlike Sherlock Holmes and other popular detectives, they are teenagers. Like their readers, they have school, chores, and church on Sunday. This essay will focus, as far as plot is concerned on the first book The Tower

  • A History of African Americans after Reconstruction Essay

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    were won and loss on these issues during this period. The struggle for development of African Americans and how they initiated change in political, economic, educational, and social conditions to shape their future and that of the United States. (Dixon, 2000) The South’s attempts to recover from the Civil war included determining what to do with newly freed slaves and finding labor to replace them. The task of elevating the Negro from slave to citizen was the most enormous one which had ever confronted

  • Ronald Reagan Was The Best President America

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    discrimination. As for Reagan’s mother Nelle Reagan who was conservative, she gave sensational readings to people at women’s groups,jails and hospitals. During Reagan’s childhood it contained a sequence of moves. Then the Reagan family settled in Dixon, Illinois when Reagan was nine years old. Where Jack Reagan opened a shoe store, that business did not last very long. So then Jack Reagan later then held a negligible government job apportion relief checks during the Great Depression. Nelle Reagan

  • The Hardy Boys : Character Analysis

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    children and their friends? Throughout generations, what young adults are like changes rapidly. Things such as values, limitations, interests, and many more things are ever changing. The young adults in The Hardy Boys: The Tower Treasure, by Franklin W. Dixon are drastically different than those of the current generation. Some of these differences include; those of the current generation tend to be more selfish, greedy, have stricter parents, less avid about their parents, more negative, and give

  • Curriculum Leadership: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation

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    As the campus leader responsible for the planning, use, and supervision of curriculum and instruction, I, based upon the assignments in this course, would address the full range of responsibilities I would have and would be able to offer teachers a multitude of strategies to ensure that the curricula is challenging, relevant, taught, and tested. This role of responsibility would require comprehension of the various facets of education involving administration, educators, and most especially students