Analysis Of The Book ' The Hardy Boys '

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The Hardy Boys series written by various authors, all under the pseudonym Franklin W. Dixon has been around for a very long time. Their first appearance was in 1927, and they have survived numerous reboots and reprints since then. Part of their charm, especially for kids, is that, unlike Sherlock Holmes and other popular detectives, they are teenagers. Like their readers, they have school, chores, and church on Sunday. This essay will focus, as far as plot is concerned on the first book The Tower Treasure, the differences between the Hardy Boys and typical detective fiction, as well as on the cultural impact of the books. The Tower Treasure begins with the sons of private detective Fenton Hardy running an errand for their father. The errand and their lives are almost cut short, however by a speeding car that nearly runs them off the road. They survive the incident, and continue on, completing their errand successfully. They then detour to the farm of Chet Morton, a “school chum of the Hardy boys [who] lived on a farm about a mile out of Bayport” (Dixon 14). On the way to Chet’s they discover the car that almost killed them overturned. They examine the wreck to find that it has been abandoned. Upon arriving at Chet’s, they discover that his jalopy, the ‘Queen’ has been stolen. They drive into their hometown of Bayport, where they run into Callie Shaw. Callie accuses Chet of lending his car to someone who then hit her and ruined a cake she was carrying for a neighbor. They
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