Genetic counseling

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  • Genetic Counseling Paper

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    Genetic Counseling According to Berger (2014), a patient can receive genetic counseling to learn more about a condition/disease he or she may possibly be at risk for and may possibly pass onto their children (p. 88). A genetic counselor is educated and trained to describe to the patient the condition/disease, the benefits and drawbacks for taking the genetic test, the test results’ meaning, and how having the condition could affect their future children (Berger, 2014, p. 88). Then, the patient

  • The Benefits Of Genetic Counseling

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    What is genetic counseling? What is a genetic counselor? Those questions and more are some things I remember thinking about in my sophomore year chemistry class. I was so intrigued, yet I had no idea what any of it meant. At the time, I had no idea how common they were, and just how much genetics advanced every day while I was clueless. Our genes are what make us who we are. Humans share 99.5% of our DNA with each other. That means that every piece of DNA that makes us different is only .5% of

  • Pros And Cons Of Genetic Counseling

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    ease her mind my pediatrician referred her to a genetic counselor (GC). I was three when I was sitting across from a genetic counselor, so I never knew what the role of a genetic counselor was or any specifics of the profession. When I was in high school my mom mentioned her visit to a genetic counselor and I asked her to expand on that

  • Genetics, Disease Counseling

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    Genetic Disease Diagnosis, Screening and Treatment Advocacy and Decision Making in Genetics Competencies for Contemporary Nursing Issues (GNT1) Juanita Allen Janette Barney Western Governor 's University Task 3 724.2.5-03-08 724.2.6-02-09 Mr. and Mrs. Trosack have recently been told through chorionic villus testing, that their unborn child has Tay Sachs disease.As the case manager there should be several appropriate members identified for an interdisciplinary team to obtain information

  • The Importance Of Genetic Counseling

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    Genetic counseling Genetic counseling is and can be a long and nerve racking process. It is a process where patients or relatives at risk of a disorder that runs in their family are told the danger and the situation of the disorder. Options are opened to them in planning and management from a doctor. There is a National Society of Genetic Counselors they call genetic counseling a understanding and adaptation to medicine. This process is sometimes Interpretation of medical histories to find the chances

  • Genetic Counseling Personal Statement

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    care. Genetic Counseling is the practice of informing and advising patients who may have a potential risk of genetic disorders concerning appropriate testing methods, medical treatment, and many other critical decisions concerning their health. I have chosen to pursue the career of genetic counseling because it fulfills the dream I have had that I will one day be able to do research concerning genetics and interact with the patients that the research would affect. My decision to become a genetic counselor

  • Genetic Counseling Case Study

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    The purpose of this discussion is to talk about the role of a family health nurse in a genetic counseling scenario. I talk about how they want to have kids but are scared to have them because they both carry the genetic disorder for sickle cell If a couple wants to have any children there are several services that a genetic counseling can provide. They can be tested if they are a carrier for the gene. If they do decide to have a child they can test the baby before its even born to know if it has

  • Genetic Counseling: Family Health Nurse

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    Genetic Counseling In this discussion board, I will be discussing my role as a family health nurse in a genetic counseling scenario. It is important as the family health nurse to be considerate of the family’s different culture, which would influence their health beliefs, values, knowledge and different behaviors (Kaakinen, Gedaly-Duff, Coehlo, & Harmon Hanson, 2010). My family in this discussion carry the recessive gene for cystic fibrosis. I will discuss with them wither or not they should receive

  • Tay-Sachs Genetic Counseling Report

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    As a Tay-Sachs genetics counselor waiting for the arrival of my next family session, I would have to prepare by reviewing their medical file. In the file, I would be reviewing the date of birth of the child at the time of the session. Age is very important to help identify the current symptoms the child may be exhibiting and upcoming symptoms. Observed symptoms of Tay-Sachs disease in infants can be muscle weakness or paralysis, seizures, respiratory distress, loss of hearing or deafness, exaggerated

  • What Are The Differences Between Genetic Screening And Counseling

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    3. Genetic-Screening-Counseling-Intervention-Therapy helps to detect and prevent diseases such as HIV, tuber-culosis, and syphilis. When the screening locates a person with a genetic disorder appropriate actions can be taken to ensure they receives medical care and treatment. Genetic screening and counseling enables people to better understand and treat diseases and disabilities they may have. Genetic counseling looks at the genetic diseases passed down through the family and helps potential parents