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  • Explication Of The Speaker's Poem 'Tour 5'

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    In “Tour 5”, the speaker talks about the road trip that he made with his friends during the fall season through the South of United States of America. The speaker and his friends were freed to “follow” the wind through the hills, the forested areas, until they arrived in a town watched over by Confederate sentinels. The poem is based on the speaker’s memory and feelings “traveling” through the past. The first stanza shows how the speaker was happy and enjoying the details of his trip. The title

  • Personal Narrative: A Day At The Museum Of Murder

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    guided tour would take us about an hour and that they were going to close at 8:00, but we convinced him to let us in. We were probably about halfway through when we noticed that they were going to close so we went to the bathroom and then we were on our way out. When we got to the closest exit we saw that it was locked and that we were locked in.”

  • Caaving Research Paper

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    and all sorts of animals. Some caves have spiders, bats, bears, fish some times and other animals. For example, it is very important to have a source of light when exploring a dark cave. Cavers need to wear a well-fitted helmet with a headlamp. Back-ups for light sources, which can include extra batteries, flashlights, and glow sticks, are also important. Caves often get cold and can be very wet, so rugged, waterproof clothing, including sturdy hiking boots, is recommended. Other items to bring include

  • Nebulae: The Sagittarius Triplet

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    nebulae’s famous for their bright red and blue hues, which is a main reason I choose this picture. There are three nebulae in this picture and each is spectacular on its own but together the Sagittarius Triplet creates a visual buffet for the eyes. The dark reds in particular are beautiful to behold and take up the majority of the visual landscape. These red colors are created by the emission nebulae by hydrogen gas that is heated by the intense temperatures of present stars. The image made me feel the

  • A Short Story : The Colony On The Moon

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    literature piece. In this story, the exposition shows us Marvin living in the colony of the moon due to a nuclear war that destroyed the earth making it uninhabitable. The rising action of the story; Marvin is a ten-year- old boy whose father takes him on a tour in different levels of the colony to a place he has never visited before. They jump off into a vehicle with a pressurized cabin and drive off to planet earth away from the colony. Climax; Marvin had never been outside of the colony before and thus

  • Our Journey through the City of Paris at Night

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    art, and the most recognized structure in the world, and at night with the glow of its lights, it stands out like a guiding lighthouse. We could see this beautiful tower wherever we stood day or night. My choir group was invited to sing in some of the cathedrals in Paris. One night after we had a concert and had dinner, our tour guide gave us an option of either staying on the bus or getting off and taking a tour down the Seine River to see the Eiffel Tower at night. If we should choose

  • My Small Town Essay

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    gently releasing with each step. Autumn leaves from the tall trees lay scattered on the forest floor; each of them in brittle brown; there was a sound like dried cereal being crunched underfoot, pushing their papery remains deep into the soft soil. The dark shadows of the voluminous trees, also the surrounding bushes had become the backbone of the forest, standing as passive protectors in a peaceful place. The sweet surrendering scent of the morning dew filled the forest with a scent that did not belong

  • How Did Joseph Bruce Ismay Survive The Titanic

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    December 12, 1862. He was educated at Elstree School and Harrow and when he left Harrow, he was tutored in France for an additional year. After being tutored in France, he went to Thomas Ismay’s office for four years. He then went on a year round tour of the world. When he returned, he was then recruited to go to work at White Star Line’s office for a further year; he was appointed the company’s agent at the end of that year. Ismay accompanied many ships on their voyages and “the Titanic was no

  • Science Has Been An Interest Of Mine

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    and cooking, when mixed together would do something so cool. When I got older and into middle school/high school, was when all of the cool science classes started. We learned about the different elements on the periodic table and we got to take a tour of the science lab and all of the fundamentals within it. The teacher showed us all of the different measuring tools and containers, the ways to be safe in the lab like eye goggles and all of the emergency wash stations. We also got to see a glass

  • She Walks In Beauty Summary

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    poem occurred when he attended an event to meet his cousin which is the woman. This encounter then led him to visualize a vivid image of her so he begins to speak of he stunning beauty. The author compares her beauty to the stars clearly visible in a dark, cloudless night. This highly rhythmic poem with meaningful tones is found in Hebrew Melodies which was completed in 1815 conveys the authors message through very descriptive imagery. The author doesn’t describe her physical features she is more or