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  • Ground Beetles Research Paper

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    The family Carabidae, or ground beetles, contains more than 40,000 described species classified into some 86 tribes (Erwin 1985). The Carabidae, are one of the best known and most popular families of beetles (Luff 1998). Carabids emerged in the early Tertiary as wet-biotope generalists in tropical habitats, where they are one of the dominant predatory invertebrate groups (Erwin and Adis 1982). Although this group has retained an easy-to-recognize generalist body plan, their body shape and leg morphology

  • Descriptive Essay About Cottonwood Trees

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    Cottonwood Trees Native to the United States, cottonwood trees’ preferred habitat in the wild include moist bottomland areas and around lakes and streams. Those wishing to add one to their landscape need to consider all aspects of the tree before planting, as the tree has a variety of drawbacks that don’t make it suitable for many locations. Basic Description Eastern cottonwood (Populus deltoids), which is also its common name, is a fast-growing deciduous tree that obtains an additional 6-feet

  • Skipper Butterfly Research Paper

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    The Skipper Butterfly is in the family Hesperiidae. They have a wingspan of 29 to 31 millimeters, 1.14 to 1.22 inches, and are 2.5 to 6 inches, 6.604 to 15.24 centimeters, in length. This butterfly’s appearance is different than other butterflies in many ways. The antennae club is hooked backwards like a crochet hook while the typical butterflies have club-like tips to their antennae. They have stockier bodies and larger compound eyes, and they have stronger wing muscles in the plump thorax, resembling

  • A Major Measure Of Biological Fitness

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    A major measure of biological fitness in a population is the fecundity, or reproductive success rate, of female organisms (Berger et al, 2008). For insects in particular many factors influence the number of eggs produced during the lifetime of a female. One key factor in insect reproduction is the ambient environmental temperature. Insects are ectothermic and therefore rely on their environment to provide the heat needed to carry out normal reproductive functions. Ambient heat dependence for insects

  • How Insects Are Affected By Different Food And Environmental Ques

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    are investigating how the flour beetle (Tribolium spp.) is affected by a variety of food resources. From earlier research conducted on ground beetles, the researchers found that beetles feast on a variety of food sources (Lovei & Sunderland, 1996). The reason we are studying this is because we believe that the type food source plays a dynamic role in flour beetle behavior. One question that lead us to perform this study is that food is a vital resource that beetles must have to survive. We wanted

  • Plants And Insects Have A Long History Together

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    Plants and Insects There is no doubt that plants and insects have a long history together. It is an on-going relationship that can be beneficial or detrimental to both parties, depending on the situation. Insects pollinate plants, in return the plants provide food for insects. But the relationship between the two isn’t always so beneficial. Some insects can kill plants by taking away the essential nutrients away from the plant. There are also insects that are predators. The predator insects

  • The Report 's Strengths And Weaknesses

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    This can be seen on page three paragraph four when the authors state that “Other bombardier beetles related to Stenaptinus (subfamily Brachininae), such as those of the large genus Brachinus, probably aim their spray in much the same manner as Stenaptinus. Indeed, we found the abdominal tip of Brachinus to resemble that of Stenaptinus in every structural

  • Essay on Insects in Popular Culture

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    Table of Contents Film: The Wasp Women- 25 points Film: The Black Scorpion- 25 points Poetry: Haikus- 6 points Poetry: Short Poem- 5 points Insects in Popular Culture – 10 points Original Comic- 30 points References Honor Pledge   The Wasp Woman, 1959 The Wasp Women tells the story of Janice Starlin, owner and CEO of a cosmetics company. To bolster her declining sales she enlists the help of recently fired beekeeper Dr. Zinthrop. Zinthrop was fired for experimenting with wasps

  • Write An Essay On Invasive Species

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    spp.) affect darkling beetle (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) abundance and diversity. We predicted that darkling beetle abundance and diversity would be higher in tamarisk bosques due to higher leaf litter and detritus compared to habitats without tamarisk. To examine this hypothesis, we conducted pitfall trapping and observational encounter surveys in three different settings: native high desert, tamarisk thicket and a common garden plot. We found two patterns. 1. Darkling beetle abundance was higher

  • Ted Kooser 's Poem, Surviving

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    Omnipresent Death Ted Kooser’s poem, “Surviving”, can be interpreted in many different ways. At first the poem seems to be about a man who is watching a bug being attentive to its surroundings and the bug having the fear of death. Another way to interpret this poem is that death is unrelenting. Even when the speaker seems to have ceased the image of death, it finds its way back. This is prevalent because the speaker starts talking about the fear of death, then altering the tone by describing this