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  • The Discovery Of Norwegian Viking Culture

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    All the wooden objects were preserved, although broken by mechanical means, through the great pressure of the masses of earth above.  (Brøgger, 1921)          As the digging continued Prof. Gustafson and Mr. Shetelig began to unearth what they believed was a Viking longship.  Instead, what they found was a class of Viking ship called a karv.  A karv is shorter than a longship and unlike the naval longship, is used in everyday life to transport people or goods

  • Norway : The World 's Third Largest Natural Gas Exporter

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    Norway Image Morgan Schadel 2/24/2015 Page Break Introduction Norway is located in Northernmost part of Europe. Norway borders the North Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean and is west of Sweden. The coordinates that Norway lie on is 62 00N, 10 00E. The total area of Norway is 323, 802 square kilometers. In comparison to the world, Norway is ranked 68. Norway has a population of 5,147,972 people. The per capita GDP is $65,515. In comparison to the world, Norway

  • Moon Is Down Quotes

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    while others angrily protested against allegedly complacent treatments of the Nazi occupation (Lisca, The Wide World, pp. 186-87). The book was also received with great praise, especially in occupied countries. Steinbeck received the Norwegian King Haakon VII Freedom Cross for his contribution to the Norwegian resistance movement. “Steinbeck himself said it was the Office of War Information which broad him in contact with refugees from countries overrun by the Germans and gave him the idea of writing