Hard science fiction

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  • Science Fiction, And, Star Wars And The Time Machine

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    Science fiction, a genre which has elapsed over decades in the industry, has gained many followers in its several forms of media. Science fiction, in the same sense, has also been analyzed for its value and has received many “Authorities” in the sense that these individuals allow for a more comprehensive look at this type of genre. Different types of subgenres have emerged due to the enhancement of “New Trains of Thought” produced by these “Authorities” and have taken this genre into a new perspective

  • The Importance Of Science Fiction

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    Science fiction is a genre of unproven fiction, typically dealing with creative concepts such as upcoming science and technology, space travel, time travel, faster than light travel, as well as extraneous life. Science fiction often explores the possible consequences of scientific and further variations, and has called a prose of ideas. It usually avoids the paranormal, and the connected genre of fancy, traditionally, science-fiction stories were anticipated to have a root in science-based fact

  • The Smallest Dragonboy Essay

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    These two science fiction stories have that in common, that they are both build up upon bravery. This is a common theme as the boy in “The Smallest Dragonboy” and the girl in “The Cold Equation” are both extremely brave. The boy has to be brave to win over a dragon so

  • Essay Philip K. Dick: the Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch

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    Philip K. Dick's The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch is a deeply symbolic work. Centered largely on concepts of soft science fiction, Dick presents to the reader a work which is based essentially on themes of philosophy and theology; he leads the reader to ponder such concepts as the true nature of reality and the direction in which our current society is headed based on then-current social and cultural phenomena - specifically, the growing use of hallucinogenic drugs in the 1960s. These themes

  • The Collective Rather Than The Individual Hero

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    Joanna Russ argues that science fiction is didactic and that it focuses on the collective rather than the individual hero while, Samuel R. Delany argues that science fiction is a distortion of the present. However, they both argue that science fiction must be learned, interpreted, and critiqued differently than other literary texts because it has its own unique conventions. Joanna Russ’s argument that science fiction in didactic and that it focuses on the collective rather than the hero is in a plethora

  • Elements Of Science Fiction In Kindred

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    Michael Blunt Mrs. Drew English 1 16 November 2017 Kindred - Science Fiction and Historical Fiction Combine to Create a Powerful Novel ` In Kindred, Octavia Butler combines elements of science fiction and historical fiction to create a new genre. The science fiction aspect allows Butler’s main character, Dana, to travel back to a southern plantation in the 1800s. The historical fiction part of the novel makes the story extremely believable and realistic. Butler uses these two genres to expose the

  • `` Moral Machines `` By Robert J. Sawyer And Gary Marcus

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    technological history on society over a period of time. Two authors by the names of Robert J. Sawyer and Gary Marcus elaborate the connection between science fiction and ethics to technology which compares to Prometheus’s myth. Sawyer explains the relationship in her essay “The Purpose of Science Fiction” in which he justifies that science fiction can portray the outcomes of future technology. Marcus justifies this connection in his essay “Moral Machines” when he describes how automated machinery

  • Science Fiction And Cultural Values

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    Science Fiction and Cultural Values Introduction Science fiction is a genre of creative writing which has stories that are connected with the future of technology and science. This style of writing is often seen in graphic novels, fiction novels, television series, and in film. Some common portrayals of science fiction include time and space travel. At times, these stories feature life that is found on other planets apart from Earth. The tales are usually based on new technologies, different social

  • A Very Short Story By David Seed

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    Science Fiction has proven to be a difficult term to define, but has become one of the most popular genres of all time. We see science fiction in films, poetry, literature and in the imagination of every child. In the novel, A Very Short Introduction by David Seed, he discusses in six chapters the unconventional genre known as science fiction.  The In the Novel, A Very Short Story By David Seed, he  includes topics such as science and technology, space, aliens, utopias, gender, and its relation to

  • Forrest Ackerman Biography

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    Angeles Science Fiction League. They were know as the Dream Pioneers, because they encouraged people to openly share their ideas of exploring the solar system, extraterrestrials and let their dreams run free. Outsiders thought members of this league were peculiar, because they talked about outrageous things, such as, mars, the moon, space platforms, and giant mirrors being focused down on the earth. Forrest Ackerman was a member of the league. He had a lot of enthusiasm for his field of science fiction