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  • Storm Of Solitude - Original Writing

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    Storm of Solitude As I stood on the screened-in back porch at 4:00 AM watching the unstoppable force creep closer to destroying what little vestiges of the life we once had, all I could ask myself was how I missed the signs. Everyone knew this was coming except Amber and me, but no one bothered to tell us. Couldn’t they see the hidden pain in our faces when we moved into the neighborhood six months before? We were strangers in a new world desperate for someone to have pity on us and lend

  • Personal Narrative: The Realtor

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    My father away said look at the potential of something, not what you see. With some help from his wife and children, he built two homes and remodeled many houses. I think this trait may have rubbed off on his grandchild. So when my son call and said that he had found a house on the internet and he wanted to look at it to buy, I didn’t know what to expect. The next day he called the realtor. When we pulled up to the house, I began to get worried. This house was falling apart. It had windows

  • The V-Chip Essay

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    discussion evolving telecommunications regulation and television ratings, but not too many reports define the new technology in its fullest form. A basic definition of the V-chip; is a microprocessor that can decipher information sent in the vertical blanking of the NTSC signal, purposefully for the control of violent or controversial subject matter. Yet, the span of the new chip is much greater than any working definition can encompass. A discussion of the V-chip must include a consideration of the technical