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    had in daily life, my moments are correlated with sadness since today’s date was June 4, 2007, and being the captain of my squad, I’m in charge my subordinates who follow my command, my orders, and my judgement on what I think is right, no argueing. But then comes regret, regret that I should’ve chosen something different so that it wouldn’t become detrimental to my friends. I’ve sent my prayers to the ones above to guide the roads we should take so that the safety falls in most importance with the

  • Her Scars: A Short Story

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    she was alone. But the girl already knew. She knew the moment she awoke. The emptiness of her heart was enough confirmation. They’re gone. They’re gone and I survived. For many years she felt like it was a curse. A curse that leave her with nothing. But she would learn, with time, to take it as a gift. Because even if they didn’t, she survived. A single tear fell down the woman’s face as the smoke disappeared from behind her reflection. She looked down at her scarred hands one last time. Most would

  • I Survived Pearl Harbor Book Report

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    is important to remember that when reading historical fiction, some elements of the story will be truth while others will be made up. In the book I survived the bombing of Pearl Harbor it would seem that the author Lauren Tarshis was more concerned about writing a story rather than accurately portraying history. I read the book I Survived the Bombing of Pearl Harbor 1941 by Lauren Tarshis. The main characters are Danny, Danny’s Mom, Mack, Aki, Aki’s Mom. When the bombing started Aki

  • Summary Of 'I Survived The Bombing Of Pearl Harbor'

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    The book “I Survived the Bombing of Pearl Harbor” was written by “Lauren Tarshis”. This book; like most historical fiction books; mixed actual events with fictional characters. I overall liked this book but was a bit disappointed when they mainly focused on characters rather than real events. The summary of the book is about a boy named Danny who lived with his Ma in New York City, but that all changed when Finn; a friend of Danny; fell off a balcony and got hurt. Danny’s Ma then decided to move

  • I Survived: Burj Khalifa

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    light blue for the sea and sky. He was born with his grandma and grandpa at 12:30 AM! He is into reading I Survived. He traveled to Dubai and rode a camel, went to the top of the tallest building in the world which is the Burj Khalifa! It’s good to be Declan because he demonstrates Love, Honesty, and a Love of learning. First of all, Declan demonstrates love because he always writes “I love you notes” to his mom and dad, and will always cry if a family member is away. Declan does not want

  • I Survived Tsunami Essay

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    The title of my novel is I Survived The Japanese Tsunami. It is written by Lauren Tarshis. Lauren Tarshis has written multiple I Survived books by now, and this one was definitely one of my favorites. The genre of this novel is nonfiction it was a true story about a boy named Ben and his family. They went to visit Japan where his father had passed 4 months ago and during the visit, the worst strikes. The protagonist of this book is Ben he is the main character who is fought against the tsunami

  • Essay On I Survived Hurricane Katrina

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    When one reads a book or article, conflict, setting, and point of view are critical to understand what they're reading. “I Survived, Hurricane Katrina, 2005”, by Lauren Tarshis is a fiction book based on the event of Hurricane Katrina. The novel is about a young boy who lost his family, and is trying to survive. The nonfiction resource “Hurricane Katrina Coverage for Central Alabama” by the National Weather Service is also about Hurricane Katrina but, the author took a different way of writing it

  • Analysis Of I Survived By Lauren Tarshis

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    “I Survived” by Lauren Tarshis is a great Historic Fictional series. The notable commentary behind the “I Survived” series is that each story takes place during a significant historical event throughout history. The events that the series highlights are The Destruction of Pompeii, The Nazi Invasion, Japanese Tsunami, The Battle of Gettysburg, The Attacks of September 11, 2001, The San Francisco Earthquake, The Bombing of Pearl Harbor 1941, Hurricane Katrina 2005, The Shark Attacks of 1916 and The

  • I Survived: Diary Of Leo And Fletch

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    Today I began reading with the book called I Survived. The book is in 1906. It tells you about an earthquake about San Francisco.What happened was Leo and Fletch were in the basement and they saw stuff shaking and they knew it was an earthquake because they seen on the news and it was a warning and that’s why they went down to the basement.Bonnie was scared of the earthquake because she never been in an earthquake. Today I began reading with Leo told Grandpa how people laughed at Leo for doing

  • If I Might Survived Ww2 Analysis

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    Have you ever heard the phrase “If you hide, you might survived”? Well, after all it might be true, during World War || many Jews were going into hiding trying to survived, many did but also many didn’t. We went and decided to interview about three people that survived. From what we have heard and learned, they all experienced pain, fear, losing their families, houses, and sometimes forgetting their own name. They all have different stories but they’re somewhat related to each other, the stories