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  • Joseph Henry Essays

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    If a current is flowing, self-inductance tends to keep it from building up. Henry found that self-inductance is greatly affected by the configuration of the circuit, especially the coiling of the wire. He also discovered how to make non-inductive windings by folding the wire back on itself.      At

  • A Simulation For The Motor Of A Bldc Motor Drive With The Estimation Of Initial Rotor Position

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    back EMF from the motor terminals between the floating phase and the midpoint of DC link. Inductance variation sensing method is used for estimating the initial rotor position of the motor followed by a sensorless operation by back EMF sensing method. The principle behind the rotor position estimation is detection and comparison of phase voltage and dc link current responses and relating it with stator inductances. The most advantage is that it requires only three voltage pulse injections of small duration

  • Ltcc Based High Voltage 3 D Power Module

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    are implemented to form electrical connections between multi-layer self-aligned LTCC interposers. The LTCC interposers also provide excellent high voltage breakdown insulation for the proposed package design. The package exhibits lower parasitic inductance compared to the traditional wire-bonded counterpart. In this paper, the feasibility of the proposed power module design was simulated. Index Terms—High voltage power module, wafer-level packaging, 3-D power module, wire bondless power module

  • Faraday 's Law Of Electromagnetic Induction

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    ABSTRACT This lab is performed to analyze and understand Faraday 's law of electromagnetic induction and also its application in different magnetic components using Faraday 's Electromagnetic Lab simulation software 2.07. In this lab we understand the properties of the bar magnet, the basic electromagnet and also the electromagnetic induction in transformers. In the basic electromagnet, we observe the movement of the electronics both in AC and DC current source and compare the movement of electronics

  • Modeling Of A Bldc Motor Essay

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    2) (2.3) Assuming constant self and mutual inductance, the voltage equation becomes (2.4) The electromagnetic torque is given as T_e=(e_a i_a+e_b i_b+e_c i_c)/ω (2.5) Where: : are the phase voltages : are the phase stator currents R: is the stator resistance of each phase L: is the stator self inductance per phase M: is the mutual inductance. The induced back emf depends on the rotor position

  • A Novel Soft Switching Of Multi Level Dc Converter Fed Dc Motor Drive Using Pv Source

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    A Novel Soft Switching of Multi Level DC-DC Converter Fed DC Motor Drive Using PV Source M.Eswar Chand Assistant Professor Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Sri Sunflower College Of Engineering & Technology, Lankapalli. Krishna(Dt); Andhra Pradesh, India. P.Hemanth Kumar Assistant Professor Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Sri Vasavi Institute Of Engineering & Technology, Nandamuru, Krishna(Dt); Andhra Pradesh, India. hemanth659@gmail

  • Proposed Pfc Based Bldc Motor Drive With High Frequency Isolation Essay

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    II. PROPOSED PFC-BASED BLDC MOTOR DRIVE WITH HIGH-FREQUENCY ISOLATION Fig. 1 shows the proposed PFC-isolated zeta converter-fed Fig. 1 shows the proposed PFC-isolated zeta converter-fed BLDC motor drive. A single-phase supply is used to feed a DBR followed by a filter and an isolated zeta converter. The filter is designed to avoid any switching ripple in the DBR and thesupply system. An isolated zeta converter is designed to operate in DCM to act as an inherent power factor corrector. This

  • An Analysis of Vibration

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    An oscillating motion of a particle or body about a reference point which is fixed is known as vibration. This motion is sinusoidal i.e., simple harmonic or otherwise non sinusoidal i.e., complex. This can occur in different modes as translational or bending modes and, since the vibration can occur in more modes at a time, vibration analysis is very much difficult. Units of vibration The units of vibration depend on the vibrational parameter as follows: • Acceleration in units of m/s2. • Velocity

  • Test Results Of Test Report

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    1 ohm blow at 1000V • Use two different probes to measure the voltage across the resistor.   3 Ω Wirewound Resistor-Inductance test using LCR Frequency Resistance(Ω) Inductance (µH) VAC (V) 50Hz 7.37 0 2 500Hz 7.37 5.32 2 1kHz 7.37 4.84 2 100kHz 7.44 3.55 1 100kHz 7.52 3.53 2 1MHz 9.61 3.28 2 68.1 Ω Thick Film Resistor-Inductance test using LCR Frequency Resistance(Ω) Inductance (µH) VAC (V) 1kHz 70.13 0 1 50kHz 70.18 1.84 1 100kHz 70.21 1.58 1 500kHz 70.28 1.49 1 1MHz 69.71 1.29 1 Figure

  • A GSM Base Device

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    1 Problem Statement A GSM base device creates severe interference with a wireless infrastructure. It can be used to activate any explosive device in an indoor environment. Moreover, a GSM signal is also very likely to interfere with wireless network, employed by emergency and/or confidential departments. 2 Aims & Objectives The motive of this paper is to propose a novel band stop Frequency Selective Surface (FSS). The proposed FSS provides security to wireless networks used by sensitive areas