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    “Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.” -Oscar Wilde. Women are wild, sensitive, magnificent, mysterious, and above all: individual. Art’s many different medias allowed artist throughout the ages to capture women at both their strongest and most vulnerable points. It has the power to capture a woman: as a naïve, young girl clutching her brother as they are painted into a lasting portrait, a golden statue of an angel sent down to Earth to help a saved man take his

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    Ernest Lawson was a Canadian-American Impressionist painter. He is known for his thickly brushed canvases and the combination of color. He painted mostly natural and urban landscapes observed from life. Lawson focused on the effects of lights and the different times of the day for his paintings. He was an Impressionist artist. One of his paintings is Landscape from 1926. Looking at the painting we see a diversity of bold colors and thick brush strokes. He traveled to Spain and France and even though

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    Final Exam I. Multiple choice: 1% x 30 = 30% 1865-1914 1. The novels and short stories of Henry James and Edith Wharton tended to focus on (A) the tragic outcomes of impoverished characters living in industrialized urban wastelands. (B) the ordeals of isolated characters living as survivalists in the sparsely populated hinterlands of the United States. (C) the inner psychological lives of privileged upper-class characters. (D) the exploits of characters with startling accomplishments and impressive

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