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  • Irony And Tradition In The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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    The lottery Traditions and customs still exist in different parts of the globe. Some of these traditions are constructive while others are deemed as destructive. Civilization is associated with a change of times and has thus led to the change in the traditions. However, some of these traditions have remained intact clearly exhibiting how civilization has failed to affect them. Some people may have opted for a change to scrap certain tradition depicted as destructive, but the fact they fear to go

  • Japes: A Short Story

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    Japes had been to a number of social gatherings with his peers as he neared his one-year anniversary. Mary, the lobby bartender, had tried seducing him at the bosses’ house. She was older, in her late twenties, and had been around the block a few times. A blonde haired middle-aged party girl that reminded him that one can do wonders with some makeup and lipstick. Most of the night at the party was spent with her sitting on his lap as if they had known each other for years. Letting this server

  • Character Analysis Of The Lottery

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    In the story, the library, many of the characters did not speak as much, however, their actions showed what was approaching. The villagers follow a tradition that happens every year which ends up being a tragedy. Unfortunately, each of the main characters in the story showed a representation on how they naturally behave when the lottery approaches. As long as they have been living in the village they are all accustomed to the tradition, however, they do not realize the evil they are causing towards

  • The Importance Of Japes Reflected On His Childhood

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    Japes reflected on his childhood as he took a one-week trip across the country to his newest adventure. Visiting areas of interest while he made his way across the country brought a smile to his face. Away from home for one year flew by like a lightning bolt, yet so much had already happened. He grew up on a two hundred acre spread in an enormous old farmhouse. The main house included a library, eight bedrooms, two dining rooms, two living areas, a pantry, and an eat-in kitchen. A great place to

  • All-In Short Story

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    hours, All-in, simply claimed, it was the best send off he could have hoped for. During the past two years All-in and Japes did plenty of carousing at various events around Cod City and even a few road trips. All-in had many friends in the area and introduced Japes to them at parties, fairs, sporting events, and on the golf course. All-in loved to gamble so on one crazy “road trip” Japes, All-in, and a few of his cronies went to an NBA game in the Empire City. After a few beers the group left the arena

  • The At The Counter And Keep An Eye On The Club

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    job two college students could possibly have. The two clowns couldn 't even do that. This was the quickest and easiest decision Japes ever made. He fired both of them. He closed the club. He hired a manager with the responsibility of finding some local memberships. The pool was designed for light water aerobics in particular for the senior citizen to get some exercise. Japes instruction was to never leave the club unattended. We would rather have upset guests than dead ones. He couldn 't quite think

  • A Trip At The New World

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    Japes traveled for almost three days before he arrived in the new world, a relaxing trip as the meandering trail passed many beautiful country estates a far cry from the bustling metropolis and quite unexpected. When he finally arrived at the new hotel, he was surprised by the quaint elegance. This would be the first time he worked at a Hilltop Hotel a chain known for its unparalleled commitment to customer service. He was welcomed to the hotel by a nice young bellman, his new boss, however, was

  • Essay

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    He told Japes that he would hire only the best looking and in his opinion the most qualified sellers. One could only imagine what his qualifications were. He indeed hired his administrator for the simple fact that she lived in his hometown and could at times give him a ride to work. It did not hurt that she was attractive and ignored his obvious shenanigans. The remainder of the sales staff’, were all knockout

  • Betty Shorty Case

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    was not a manager. Japes had spent years in kitchens and worked with executive chefs as well as line cooks. Mellow was undoubtedly a good line cook. For all of Shorty's humor and energy he made poor choices by promoting servers that did not possess the skills necessary to qualify for the jobs. Shorty, was constantly managing day-to-day situations that would have been handled by true managers. He kept the ship afloat because of his energy level not because of his skill level. Japes’ was amazed that

  • Stephen Slinger Biography

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    was unique and, with a little help from everyone, it was displayed in a gallery. This highlighted a great moment for Slinger, and although he never made any real money from his passion, he was able to share it with many. The main cafeteria, which Japes looked after, consisted of a large group of older servers. The cashiers were older women, many of whom were grandmothers, they treated him like a son and were a pleasure to work with. He was single so the ladies were trying to hook