Island countries

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  • Haiti : An Island Country

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    Haiti is an island country that borders the Dominican Republic and is also close in region to the islands of Jamaica, Cuba, and Puerto Rico. This country of Haiti has French as its national tongue, due to European colonization, however, the country is dominantly and significantly of African descent. Also, the nation’s official language is French and the native sport in Haiti is soccer. One of my good friends, Pierre Gaston, who claims the “mountainous country”(as it is translated in English)

  • Dominican Republic : The Island Of The Country

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    Dominican Republic was formally known as the island of “Hispaniola” named by Christopher Columbus. The mountainous country currently shares itself with Haiti. On February 27th, 1844, Dominican Republic gained independence from war against Haiti. Although the country has faced many hardships from the incoming decades, the country has survived. The country is located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, and east of Haiti. The

  • The Island Country Of Sri Lanka

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    The island country of Sri Lanka was engaged in a civil war for more than 25 years. The most basic reason is the conflict that arose between the Sinhalese and Tamil citizens, but it’s more than that. In 1948 Sri Lanka gained its independence from Great Britain. Before independence was gained, the island was dominated by the Sinhalese speakers, which were deemed to be on the island since 500s BCE. Also, there were mostly Buddhist Sinhalese, three million of them, and about 300,000 Hindu Tamils. Sri

  • Iceland : A Small Island Country

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    Introduction Iceland is a small island country located in the North Atlantic Ocean with only 300,000 populations in a country. They had almost no contact and relationship with other countries within 1000 years. However, throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, Great changes had taken place in Iceland. The average Icelander became 300% wealthier from 2003 to 2006, and all three of Iceland’s major banks which are Kaupthing, Landsbanki and Glitnir had developed from tiny saving banks in the 1990s to become

  • Explain Why Japan Is An Island Country

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    from other landmass and contributed to form a sense of racial and cultural homogeneity all over the Japan. Japan is an island country. Like China, Japan is mountainous country with mountains of volcanic origins. The soils of volcanic origins were extremely fertile for production and it was the core reason that Japan was an agricultural paradise. Besides that, as an island country Japan had significant impact on its history. Unlike China, Japanese civilization was not constantly under threat of invaders

  • What Are The Importance Of Countries Around The World

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    perspective of the world. One such fact is the existence of countries which when put together can probably cover half of the area of some cities from the rest of the large countries around the globe. These countries, like most countries, have their own set of laws, governance, cultures and picturesque locales. 1. Vatican City. Spread across an area of 110 acres, the Vatican City is a country within the city of Rome. With a population of 1,000, the country is the smallest, not just in terms of area but also

  • World Wide Urbanization : A Small Island Country

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    has the highest population throughout japan with a population of almost 38 million people (Worldwide Urbanization Prospects, pg. 26). Tokyo is the biggest city in the world holding the biggest population. Tokyo is a city on the eastern part of the island it is about a mile off of the ocean and not directly connected to the ocean which is surprising to me. Osaka is also in the top ten for highest population per city which has a population of about 20 million (Worldwide Urbanization Prospects, pg. 26)

  • The Philippine Culture : The Culture Of The Filipino Culture

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    interview I never thought about the Philippines up until this interview so forming any context of the island or culture was rather diffcult outside of its basic geography. Prior to this interview I associsated this island nation with nothing. From a cultural standpoint I knew nothing of what it held a belived it to be a largely indpendent nation in culture similar to the way of the rest of the pacific islands. When I thought of the Philippines I could not help but picturing a simply rainer version of african

  • Culturally Aware Asia Pacific

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    Before leaving home, it is important to understand the Countries culture that you are going to. Be mindful of limited resources like water, fuel and electricity, and make sure you have had all necessary vaccinations before leaving. Also check that all your health insurance is up to date and you have put travel insurance in place. Be sure to always carry a bag. Make sure you always have your passport on you. Make sure your passport and ID is all up to date and valid. Dress respectfully and understand

  • The Bahamas: A Thriving Nation

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    The Bahamas: A Thriving Nation The Bahamas is a thriving nation! The British controlled the Bahamas until it won its independence in 1973. (“Remembering Our Past” 2014) Bahaman culture is very diverse, with intriguing cuisine; many represented religions, interesting and familiar holidays, beautiful clothing, and much more. In the Bahamas the economy is steadily developing, it is dependent on tourism and offshore banking. Bahaman resources include salt, aragonite, and timber. (“Central America a