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  • Jefferson Memorial and the Pantheon Essays

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    Jefferson Memorial and the Pantheon The Jefferson Memorial is a testimonial to the past, present, and future of the United States. Its architecture, like most neo-Classical buildings, gives a sense of permanence. This permanence has a history far older than many would suspect. Centuries ago and thousands of miles away a building was erected that would later become the model for which many other buildings, including the Jefferson Memorial, are based upon. This building is the Roman Pantheon.

  • Trip To The Jefferson Memorial

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    would have to say, the most interesting memorial before dinner had to be the Jefferson memorial, its size and grace were quite amazing. After the mesmerizing trip to the memorial, we return to the road again to go to dinner at the mall. My partner and I end up going to a cinnabun for some very rich cinnamon rolls. After our short but enjoyable dinner, we return to our tour and start our small night tour. We first stop at the beautiful and grand Iwo Jima memorial, I took one of the grandest of pictures

  • The Jefferson Memorial: A Short Story

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    Passing the Jefferson Memorial he headed over the Potomac River and on to the Pentagon. The front gate of the parking lot offered the usual credential check and let him on through. Closing in on five is this place was starting to buzz with activity. This was normal shift time for the military in a facility that never closed. Again he found his reserved parking space near the front it even had his name on a sign Reserved Gen. Hunter. He wondered whose name would be on it tomorrow, people and officers

  • The Longworth House Office Building, Thomas Jefferson Memorial

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    column are fluted but these columns have smooth surfaces. During my research, I found that many architectures identified as the Ionic order style, actually have smooth surface columns as well (ex. the Longworth House Office Building, Thomas Jefferson Memorial). Various architectural designs that the Western society has adopted demonstrates how heavily they are influenced by the Ancient Greek culture and the Roman culture. During those eras, the buildings were intended to communicate its function

  • Persuasive Essay On Monuments And Memorials

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    ourselves at that time period. For Americans the 9/11 memorial puts us in the gravity and it gives us the impact of what that disaster did but, it also shows a sense of beauty with how the water falls into the spot where once stood a tall and powerful building. Monuments, have the aura that has a sense of empathy and shows more emotion than words ever could, the Holocaust museum gives a solid reminder of what genocide really is. Monuments and memorials should be based on the size location and what it

  • The Holocaust Museum : The Importance Of Monuments

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    be taken into consideration, and furthermore. A monument needs to have a strong meaning to spark one's memory or it must have historical value. The truth and an accurate account of history must also be taken into consideration before any kind of memorial is erected. If there is no historical background or an education of the monument then it is proven that the audience will not support or be interested in the specific monument.The significance of the monument and cost should be evaluated. H. Elroy

  • The Importance Of Monuments

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    Moreover, the location should be somewhere important that would not conflict with historical landmarks or that will cause problems for the people living around the monument. For example, in Source D, Kosareft explained how the cemetery in Savannah Memorial Park was in danger of being removed because developers want to use the land. This is an issue because the cemetery holds the graves of the San Gabriel Valley pioneers and is an important landmark to many of the people living in Savannah. Using a

  • Importance Of Public Monuments

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    importance, as well as events that hold great sorrow. Along with the importance and values that commemorate memorials, comes immense preparation and planning when building a monument. Therefore, it is important that three main factors from sources E, G, and C, are taken into consideration when attempting to build a memorial. Initially, location is the most detrimental factor when planning a memorial. The location should not only please the people of the area, but also correspond to the location of what

  • Persuasive Essay On Confederate Monuments

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    The Civil War was a clouded era where judgement was ill evolved, however, it was a cultural turning point in the history of our nation. Our nation hasn’t always been the cultural mixing pot it is now, to get to this point there were many things that had to be taken into consideration, and we need to keep that in mind throughout history so we can be knowledgeable of how we got to where we are today. In the past months, there has been a big spark in the debate of confederate monuments and if they should

  • The Purpose And Importance Of Monuments

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    Monuments are used to memorialize and honor moments, individuals and events of the past. Some monuments do this better than other monuments. In creating a monument there are three essential factors a group or agency should consider to make the monument as effective as possible: location, design features, purpose and backstory. Why these factors? Location and design factors play a massive role in the reception the monument will receive, based on its environment, size and looks a monument will be