Kellie Pickler

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  • I Love Kellie Pickler

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    celebrity. She was born on June 28, 1986, in Albemarle, North Carolina. Many kids may know this young women Kellie Pickler. She is a great country singer, and she is very pretty. Kellie has her own show called “I love Kellie Pickler”. She and her husband Kyle, are very funny. It is just her, and her husband. Kellie has starred on many shows, including Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, I love Kellie Pickler, and Family Fued. She got to choose who got to go on Family

  • Personal Narrative : Nicholas Sparks

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    It was an early spring Friday morning in my senior English class when I received a text from my dad: “I got us two tickets to the Nicholas Sparks movie premiere for The Lucky One tonight, and word has it that there’s lots of celebrities coming to town.” Of course, I was ecstatic and could hardly wait to get home from school and get ready. For my small hometown of New Bern, this was a huge deal. It only happened to be here because it’s Nicholas Sparks’ hometown as well. I drove home from school that

  • Informative Essay On Taylor Swift

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    Have you ever been to a concert? A Taylor Swift concert to be exact. Have you ever gotten to go backstage and meet her? Well, I was lucky enough to go and do exactly that for free. I was the most ecstatic teenger in the world that night. Meeting her is the most amazing experience anyone could ever have. It was August 19th and my dad, Kenny, was at Marsh where he had been working for for eighteen years. He had arrived at work around 1:00 p.m. Having nothing more to accomplish, he decided to check

  • Personal Narrative Essay : A Walk To School

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    I wake up to the sound of my radio alarm turning on. I hear “Good Morning beautiful city of Louisville Kentucky, it should be a nice day out. It’s going to be partly cloudy with a high of 52 degrees and a low of 44 degrees. It’s currently 7:01 am this morning and I’ll get back to you after the break.” Right at that I click the button to turn it off. I get up and get ready for school and I hear my mom yell “Emma come down and eat breakfast when you’re ready!” After I get ready I walk down stairs