Kill Van Kull

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    years ago at the church my partner attended. After years of being away, my partner and I moved back to Bayonne, New Jersey, a small peninsular town that shared a border with Jersey City, and is surrounded by Newark Bay, Upper New York Bay and Kill Van Kull. We were first introduced to Andy by his wife, Joanne. She is a loud and brash woman whose presence could easily fill up a room wherever she goes. Andy is a big and tall man who has a pair of 4-inch dark-rimmed glasses on that makes him appear

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    is not to say that the role of the media in agenda setting is not important. It is in fact the disproportionate influence that politicians ascribe to the media which gives the media some power in being able to influence elections. As Walgrave & Van Aelst state (p.100, 2006), political actors follow media cues in the election period due to the fact that ‘media coverage is associated with public opinion’. In this sense it is irrelevant that the views of the media and the public are not the same

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    A direct relationship between breast feeding and health of an infant had been recorded periodically for thousands of years across many civilizations (1). In 1934, a report on 20,000 mother infant dyads in the U S, found that morbidity or mortality due to intestinal infections, was higher for non breast fed infants than for breast fed infants (2). However, with improved nutritional content of artificial infant formulas and better hygiene in the 1950s and later, greater weight gain, simultaneous and

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