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    Adam Stern’s article IndyCar enjoys positive trends for 2016 season is about the Verizon IndyCar Series, and how its established strategy have managed to keep the series and the number of fans growing steadily in 2016 – despite setbacks in terms of cancelled events and loss of sponsors. Stern also touches briefly on what one can expect from the racing series in the coming years. In SportBusiness Journal’s piece on 2016’s game changers, they introduce the reader to 35 women who all in some shape

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    Premise The general concept of this game is for the player to use their particular wind instrument (flute, trumpet, tuba, etc.) to perform their way through several stages (etudes) and challenges, or “gigs”, in order to achieve the accomplishment of performing in “Carnegy Bowl”. But the only way to do so is to practice, practice, practice! Using a quality microphone, instrument, and stages that are developed specifically for the specific instrument the student gamer plays, the objective will be to

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