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Adam Stern’s article IndyCar enjoys positive trends for 2016 season is about the Verizon IndyCar Series, and how its established strategy have managed to keep the series and the number of fans growing steadily in 2016 – despite setbacks in terms of cancelled events and loss of sponsors. Stern also touches briefly on what one can expect from the racing series in the coming years.
In SportBusiness Journal’s piece on 2016’s game changers, they introduce the reader to 35 women who all in some shape or form is changing the industry through new key initiatives, the development of new technologies and as mentors for younger executives looking to advance their own careers.
Daniel Caplan’s Moving picture is about the former St. Louis Rams move …show more content…

Also, as with the number of attendees, a larger number of viewers can make sponsors more inclined to sponsor the event in some shape or form.
Game Changers 2016
1. As someone who watches sports on NBC and ESPN frequently, the first women that intrigued me was Wendy Bass and Carol Stiff. A similar rationale brought me to Tracy Marek, since I am a fan of NBA basketball and tend to watch the Cavaliers play from time to time. My interest in NBA basketball is also what made Kerry Tatlock appeal to me. Furthermore, I use Under Armour products and I am often impressed with several of the brand’s marketing campaigns, so Diane Pelkey managed to catch my eye. Wendy Bass Carol Stiff Tracy Marek Kerry Tatlock Diane Pelkey
2. NBC Sports Group - responsible for NBC Sports’ media properties (sport division of its television, NBC’s sport-oriented cable networks, sports radio channels). Generates revenues through ads and subscriptions. ESPN - a cable and satellite sports broadcasting network. Generates revenue through ads and subscriptions. Cleveland Cavaliers - team participating in the NBA, product is the entertainment they provide. Generates revenue through their part of the NBA 's television deals, ticket sales and other arena related incomes, along with contributions from their city and the reach of their market size. NBA - operators of what is widely considered the best basketball league

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