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  • Personal Narrative Essay : What I Did This Summer

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    Then we headed back home, it was a great day and for sure one of my favorite memories from this Summer. Keep in mind my family and I did this like 2 or 3 times this year, so it was extra fun. My second paragraph will be about when I went to Deep River Water-park with my friends, Eliot Cates, Ben Herz, Adam Collard, Cole Watson, and Alden Cates. It was honestly such a great time especially because, I was with my close friends. We went there for Eliot`s birthday. I was so excited when my Mom showed

  • Descriptive Essay - The Lazy River

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    remember it next year. “We have to do the lazy river first,” I said,“We always do.” “We have to do sunscreen first, bud,” my mom acknowledged. Right, sunscreen. I hated sunscreen because it was either cold or felt creamy and greasy. It always got into my hair and made me feel weird the entire time before we got in the water. After we applied the dreaded sunscreen, we got our towels, goggles, and locker keys got our lockers and went to the lazy river. I don’t remember how I was dressed, but I

  • Social And Social Data Analysis

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    Abstract—Social data analysis could be a kind of analysis during Which individuals add a social, cooperative context to form sense of knowledge Social data analysis includes 2 main constituent parts: 1) knowledge generated from social networking sites (or through social applications), and 2) refined analysis of that knowledge, in several cases requiring period (or close to real-time) knowledge analytic, measurements that perceive and suitably weigh factors like influence, reach, and contentedness

  • R : A History And Overview

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    R: A History and Overview The idea for R was first conceived in the early 1990’s by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman, two professors at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. Although Ihaka had contemplated the idea of developing a programming language before meeting Gentleman. He references a book entitled The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs as one inspiration that led to R. The book was meant to teach programming to engineering students through Scheme. The book provided

  • Mimir's Price: A Short Story

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    Mimir’s Price The sound of a lazy brook, babbling its story night and day, always fills me with peace. Running water through forests and rocks creates Beta waves in the brain. Maybe the thousands of asian temples devoted to hundreds of philosophies knew this. Whether National Geographic or some other documentary these grand temples that have stood for generations always have some talkative stream near by. I am not sure about the science involved, but I can say I’ve heard the lullaby of water

  • Ecological Integrity And Nature Integrity

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    iscuss what is meant by “ecological integrity” and relate this concept to rivers. In your answer describe the components of a river we could use to ‘measure’ integrity Ecological integrity? Ecological integrity 1.3 pdf Ecological integrity perceived as the ‘maintenance of all internal and external processes and attributes interacting with the environment in such a way that the biotic community corresponds to the natural state of the type-specific aquatic habitat, according to the principles of

  • How Water Quality Is Important For The Health Of The Ecosystem

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    Colorado River The Colorado River had the highest water quality of all tested sites. The dissolved oxygen at this site was 8.92 mg/L and could be attributed to a number of different reasons (Table 1). The sample was taken when the sun was high and water dwelling plants had been photosynthesizing for a number of hours. The water was flowing fairly quickly and there was a small riffle at the area where the reading was taken which could have increased dissolved oxygen of the water. The river had a

  • The Effects Of Water Quality On The Reedy Fork Creek And Buffalo Creek

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    Descriptive Statistics The spatiotemporal pattern of water quality in the Reedy Fork and Buffalo Creek watersheds exhibits a trend of river deterioration, mainly due to Fecal Coliform. Our study suggests that most of the pollution sources were related to human activities. Looking at table 2a to 5b, it is clear that, F.Col, coliform is the dominant parameter with the highest means in all the sites, both at the Reedy Fork and Buffalo Creek watersheds. However, there are higher mean values of this nutrient

  • The Merced River Is The Southernmost Watercourse Of The California Central Valley

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    sites The Merced River is the southernmost watercourse of the California Central Valley presently inhabited by Chinook salmon whose abundance has decreased by 75% since 1950 (Yoshiyama et al., 2000). From its headwaters located in Yosemite National Park, Sierra Nevada, the Merced River flows west to join the San Joaquín River (river km 190) and drains a watershed approximately 3,297 km2 in size. Meanwhile, the elevation declines from 3,048 m to about 18.3 m. Only the first 82 river km are reachable

  • The Species Richness Of Aquatic Macro Invertebrates Among Three Streams Types

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    Figure 1. The species richness of aquatic macro-invertebrates among three stream types. The same number of species was found in the forest and urban streams. There was an insignificantly higher number of species found in the agriculture stream. Figure 2. The biotic index of the three types of streams was calculated by the sum of total tolerance values divided by the sum of total number of individuals. The forest stream had the lowest FBI value, followed by the urban stream and the agriculture