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  • The Sith Army: A Summary

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    wanted him to be a Sith warrior. Nmbi took him to his master who was Nyp who was the master Sith of the Seven seas and Nmbi was his Sith apprentice. Nyp wanted Nar to be one of his Sith warriors in his Sith army. He also said if he did he would get a lightsaber and be trained on the darkside of the force. Nar, still a baby, was able to remember that in twelve years he was thirteen and could start his training as a Sith warrior. Nmbi said he would train the Sith army and that he was his apprentice, the

  • Description Of An Effective Villain

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    grandfather and he was the main antagonist in the previous Star Wars films. He mainly wore black and was shown fierce and powerful by showing his potential, using the force and the lightsaber, he was overall iconic. There are many similarities between them. Kylo Ren had leather gloves to protect himself from his lightsaber, a voice modulator(in the helmet), a cape, robes, a hood and a scarf. A basket weave pattern was performed on the cape and hood. Many surprises were left. He had many layers under

  • Marketing Analysis : Star Wars

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    1. Executive Summary The product chosen is the HHCLS OTS Saber, a custom-designed LED lightsaber that is customizable with variety of parts that leads up to over 3 million combinations to choose from. This project was chosen because Star Wars franchise is phenomenally popular especially with the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, according to Shona Ghosh, Disney made 3 billion dollars in global retail sales of Star Wars merchandise (Ghosh, 2016). With Star Wars merchandise products increased

  • Yoga-Meets-Dance Films: Star Wars

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    next? Now they want to move like Jedis. Lightsabers in hand, fans are meeting every other Saturday at Magic City Jedi, a new yoga-meets-dance class that incorporates “Star Wars” Jedi moves with martial arts. Think Lightsaber Combat 101. The 90-minute classes, at I Am Equilibrium yoga studio in Doral, Fla., were launched by longtime friends Alfred Smith and Santiago Martinez, who believe South Florida needs a place where people can play-fight with lightsabers to escape the daily grind. “We knew there

  • What Is The Story Of The Jedi Code?

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    With a single slash from his purple lightsaber, he sent the last of the temple guards to the ground in pieces. 6 men surrounded him in the darkened main hall of the Jedi temple, each held a grim face, the face of knowing that your old master would be your death or soon be dead by your hand, it was a look of sheer horror, a forbidden emotion, but one these young men couldn’t deny in this moment. Their lightsabers ignited around him, and hues of yellow, blue, and green filled the room, and without

  • Hollywood Studios Research Paper

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    Hollywood Studios One day, my Mom surprised me that we were going to warm, fun Florida! We took a long, tiring, journey to the sun country airport in Minneapolis. We walked right and found my best buddy, aiden! We were so happy! We chatted and talked. Then we went to the waiting place to charge our dead video games and we waited for the long plane. Once it was ready, we grabbed our games and hurried onto the plane. WEEEEEEEEEEEEE OOOOOOOOOO! The plane took off and

  • Star Wars : The Force Awakens

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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens “A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…”, the writers and producers of the Star Wars saga have create adventures of heroes and heroines that conquer evil. Throughout history myths and stories have been used for entertainment, religion, and to illustrate cultural values. Joseph Campbell’s Heroic Monomyth is an analysis of the struggles and triumphs that a hero endures during his or her journey. The analysis identifies twelve common themes that are seen throughout

  • Darth Vader Character Traits

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    Darth Vader was not always evil but his way of life and tendencies and characteristics drove him to the dark side. as kid he was a slave and feared alot of things in his life as he got older and started learning the Jedi way he became less fearful for himself but more fearful of his moms safety. He was told he would be more poweful then any jedi who ever lived he liked the idea of that but what he did know is that these characteristics he was gaining was the key ways of the dark side the chosen

  • Star Wars : The Movie, Toys, And Video Games

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    While the current six movies of Star Wars cannot begin to tell all the stories of its universe, these stories are told through its extensive side stories, known as the Expanded Universe. This includes works related to Star Wars that are not included in the official canon, such as the comics, toys, and video games (“Star Wars Opens”). There are also well over 250 books written in the Star Wars universe. These works can all take place at varying times, from thousands of years before the first episode

  • Jedi And The Sith: The Lightsaber

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    inaccurate. One of the most iconic symbols of Star Wars is the close-combat weapon of choice for both the Jedi and the Sith, the Lightsaber. The possibility of a real-life Lightsaber has been experimented on and quite a number of flaws have been brought up by those who have experimented on its creation. Firstly, one of the major flaws of the concept of the Lightsaber is the inability to contain the ‘light’ in a form of a blade. Assuming that the blade is actually composed of visible light, the