MacDill Air Force Base

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  • The Military Installation Of America 's 21st Century Wars

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    This is not what war is supposed to look like. That is my first thought upon arriving at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, on March 11, 2010. We stop at a small red-roofed gatehouse with a single-beamed electric post. The quiet entrance of this base, with its red-leafed palms, towering oaks, and rows of citrus trees, set on a 6,000-acre peninsula, has the appearance of an idyllic beach resort. The wooden gatehouse is neither substantial nor imposing. It does not hint of Fortress America—nor would

  • Public Safety Is A Discipline Fit For Certain Individuals

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    Emotional stability is the ability to tolerate frustration and stress. Being able to be well-adjusted and have the psychological maturity to handle situations are required to have emotional stability (Air University, 2014). During Sandy, Mr. Holley had to manage personnel, equipment, facilities, and aircraft during a potentially volatile storm. Mr. Holley was constantly being asked “what if” scenario questions by leadership, and without hesitation

  • Pros And Cons Of Long-Term Franchise

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    Long-Term Franchise (BOT or LDO) Around the world, long-term franchises for infrastructure facilities are usually referred to as BOT projects, because under this type of contractual agreement the private sector builds, operates, and eventually transfers to government the facility in question. When a lease of the underlying land is involved, this type of arrangement is sometimes called Lease-Develop-Operate (LDO); in this case the “transfer” back to government is implicit approach is widely used

  • When Doctors Make Mistakes, By Atul Gawande, And Columbia 's Last Flight

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    procedure. In “When Doctors Make Mistake”, the author, Atul Gawande, recalls a case where his team worked on a specific crash victim and the breathing tube could not fit in the trachea. Due to a lack of communication, one of the staff members tried to force the tube down the trachea causing more damage. In the essay, Gawande assesses the situation and agrees with his team to bring in a specialist to solve the

  • A Short Note On Combat Mission Ready ( Cmr ) Pilots Require A Companion Trainer Program

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    B-2 Combat Mission Ready (CMR) pilots require a Companion Trainer Program (CTP) to increase peacetime and tactical airmanship and combat readiness. The T-38A is currently flown at Whiteman AFB, Mo, as part of a CTP. As the T-38A continues to age out, Whiteman AFB will be required to find a suitable replacement trainer. Although there have been some measures taken to extend the service life of the T-38A, there has been continuous issues regarding maintenance due to the age of the aircraft. While

  • Alan Mann Short Story

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    do a little “growing up”. Having a long history of military service in his family, he looked to do his duty and serve also. After talking with the recruiters in his home town, the Air Force seemed to have the jobs he found most interesting. He took the ASVAB test and scored high enough to select any job the Air Force had to

  • Basic Military Training

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    where dad goes each day. When she had told us that dad had gone to work, most of us would want to know where he works. For me, my dad was in the Air Force. It wasn’t till later in my life that I learn that I have a long list of family, including grandparents and numerous uncles. All my life I have wanted to join my family tradition and join the Air Force. Before I join and I would like to know more about what I am enlisting to do, therefore I would like to know what the benefits are. I have decided

  • Film Festival At Antelope Valley College

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    Title Undetermined When taking a look at the extensive list of films I decided to pick and choose from a date range and genre range. I wanted to not only focus on one area of film, but also on different aspects across the board stylistically and …… Some of the films I chose because they were tried and true favourites of mine, and some I chose because I had never heard of them before. I wanted to comfort and challenge myself at the same time while taking into consideration what may work best for

  • General Pete Quesada And The Triumph Of Tactical Air Power During World War II

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    General Pete Quesada and the Triumph of Tactical Air Power in World War II I would like to begin my paper with the quote by John Kennedy “learning and Leadership are indispensable to each other.”1 I think it is a great saying about leadership I have ever heard. There are many books about leadership. But if someone wants to be a good leader and if they do not have leadership abilities, character from birth, they will never be able to be a good leader. When we say leader, we have to think about people

  • The Importance Of Information On The Military Maintenance Service Supplement

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    This Interim Supplement adds information on the military repair station manual update process, interim supplements, and control procedures. The Accountable Manager is responsible for ensuring all copies of the Interim Supplement have been removed from all official copies of the MRSM/QCM, paper and electronic. POSTING INSTRUCTIONS 1. Replace RSM/QCM, Appendix 1, Change 5 in its entirety with the following information: General Information: The MRS maintains both electronic and hard copies