A Short Note On Combat Mission Ready ( Cmr ) Pilots Require A Companion Trainer Program

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B-2 Combat Mission Ready (CMR) pilots require a Companion Trainer Program (CTP) to increase peacetime and tactical airmanship and combat readiness. The T-38A is currently flown at Whiteman AFB, Mo, as part of a CTP. As the T-38A continues to age out, Whiteman AFB will be required to find a suitable replacement trainer. Although there have been some measures taken to extend the service life of the T-38A, there has been continuous issues regarding maintenance due to the age of the aircraft. While there have been other studies performed on this topic, they have been limited in the tactical relevance of a companion trainer. This research paper identifies which aircraft should replace the T-38A at Whiteman AFB, while ensuring a suitable…show more content…
While other units have upgraded, Whiteman has taken measures to extend the T-38A service life, but continuously been faced with maintenance issues and part availability for an aging aircraft. The studies that have been accomplished have validated the overall need for companion trainers, however, there has been limited studies conducted that focused on the tactical relevance of a companion trainer. This study builds on the previous requirements defined for a B-2 companion trainer, and adds tactical requirements in order to recommend a solution that achieves both objectives. The Nature of the Problem This research is necessary because T-38s are aging out at all units. The T-38A at Whiteman AFB, MO, currently reaches its end of service life in 2028. Currently, the B-2s end of service is 2058, which highlights the urgent requirement for a replacement trainer. B-2 pilots fly limited sorties due to the size of the B-2 fleet and the nature of stealth aircraft. Stealth aircraft require specific Low Observable (LO) maintenance which is both time consuming and costly. Due to the limited sorties, B-2 pilots have utilized a CTP since 1993 to “provide additional time necessary for crews to maintain flight currency and continue to develop airmanship skills”. In 2011, an independent study was performed by Michal Polidor on the validity of a CTP for the B-2 community. That study did validate the need for a CTP at Whiteman, largely based

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