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  • Main Features Of Motivation

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    —Dai a Breachus Motivation refers to the way in which urges, drives, desires, aspirations, strivings, needs, directs or control or explain the behaviour of human beings. —D.E. McFarland Features or Characteristics: Some of the features of motivation are listed below 1. Motivation is always internal to the individual: It is necessarily a psychological phenomenon. Berelson and Steiner said that “A motive is an inner state that energizes, activates or moves (hence

  • Main Features of A Mosque

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    Ai) Describe the main features of a mosque A mosque is mainly used as a place of worship for Muslims to pray to Allah. Not all mosques are the same, they vary from place to place. Some mosques are big and expensive whilst some other mosques are small and cheap. All mosques are different but are yet similar in some ways for example; all mosques are a place of worship. Some mosque have a tall minaret in which the Muezzin uses it to call the Adthaan, informing nearby Muslims that the time of prayer

  • Alzheimer's Main Features

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    Examining these three main features of Alzheimer’s disease The brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease have an abundance of two abnormal structures – amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles. These are made of misfolded proteins which can stick together with other misfolded proteins to form insoluble aggregates. If these aggregates build up, they can disrupt cellular communication and metabolism. The third main feature of Alzheimer’s is the loss of connections between cells leading to the ill-functioning

  • The Main Features Of The Uk

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    of a codified constitution. The absence of a written constitution is 'peculiar ' in Europe , the UK is said to have a complex and comprehensive system of government which regulates the country. The purpose of this essay is to examine the present features of the UK 's unwritten constitution in contrast with other European codified constitutions , an argument as to whether the United Kingdom is in need of a codified constitution will be formulated. This will be done by exploring the benefits and drawbacks

  • Main Features Of Oligopoly

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    Indigo, Spice Jet, Jet Airways, etc. All these airlines depend on each other for setting their pricing policies. This is because the prices are effected by the price of the competitors’ products. Features and Pricing Strategy among oligopolistic firms: o Existence of few sellers: One of the primary features of oligopoly

  • The Main Features Of Plato Kallipolis

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    The purpose of this essay is to find central features of Plato kallipolis justice city. In Republic Plato represent central political thesis which the main central features is Beauty and Goodness, Justice in society and in the individual, and Theory of Forms. ‘Kalli’ means beautiful, also ‘best’, ‘highest’ and ‘polis’ represent as “political entity”. Kallipolis it is an ideal city – state ruled by philosopher king and this political city intended by Plato. In kallipolis city will be justice, as

  • The Main Features And Characteristics Of A Slum

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    law enforcement and other basic services. Slum residences vary from shanty houses to professionally built dwellings that because of poor-quality construction or provision of services have deteriorated into slums. Main features and characteristics of the slums are poor connectivity to the main city, lack of proper sanitation conditions and lack of electricity and are densely populated and generally have a very high occupancy rate. Slums are usually characterized by urban “breeding grounds” for social

  • Main Features Of Perfect Competition

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    Perfect competition is a type of market structre where there is highest level of competition. In perfect competition the firms are offering homogeneous product. Every firm believe that it can sell any amount of output it wishes at the prevailing market price. Because of homogenous product and large number of firms, no individual firm is in a position to effect the price of the product and therefore the demand curve for the firm under perfect competition is a horizontal straight line. 2.2 Meaning

  • The Main Features Of Information Management

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    01 - The need to manage information and knowledge within organisations 1.1 Outline the main features of information management Information management (IM) is the collection and management of information from one or more sources and the distribution of that information to one or more audiences; is also particularly critical to businesses that work in conjunction with other businesses, so the two must share information with, or transfer information to, each other. In addition, businesses with more

  • The Main Features Of Princeton Wordnet

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    In this section, we review the main features of Princeton WordNet as well as some other general and specialized WordNets in different languages. A general WordNet covers all domains in a language. Therefore, a deep knowledge of language is required for its construction. However, a specialized WordNet covers words in a specific domain like agriculture, medicine, and computer science. Here, in addition to language knowledge, expertise in that domain is also required. 2-1- Semantic Network of Words