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  • Ukulele

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    How to Play the Ukulele Originated in the 19th century, the ukulele is a fun instrument that provides a variety of sound. The small instrument is very quick to learn and allows players of any age a chance to master the instrument. Continue reading to discover how to play the Hawaiian instrument. To start off, buying a ukulele is very simple, only if you know what you are looking for. If completely new to the instrument, there are many factors that plays in to getting the perfect ukulele. The ukulele

  • Analysis Of The Movie ' The Raiders Of The Lost Ark '

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    For my final paper, I will analyze a piece of music that is really well-known in the cinematic industry. Indiana Jones is a movie that came out in 1981, George Lucas, wanted to create a character that inspire young generations to go in adventures and homage heroes. He knew that a great movie need a well-known composer, John Williams became one of the most popular orchestral composer in America. He had won three Golden Globes awards, five Academy Awards, 17 Grammys and five BAFTA awards from Television

  • Music And Its Effects On Students

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    reaction, an increase in creativity, and a psychological healing . A basic understanding of music terminology is needed to comprehend the effects music can bring. In music, there are basic structures of notes in a scale. Music has a composition of 12 major scales and just as many minor; scales consist of eight notes called an octave. The notes of each scale consist of A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. Moving from one note to another, such as going from C to D, is called a step. Each note has a sharp and flat

  • Music And Harmony In Music

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    agreement or friendliness. In music, harmony is the vertical of pitch with a part of several pitches sounded at the same time. It unlike rhythm and melody as it was not part of music from the beginning but it is an upstart. Harmony combined pitches into chords to please our ears. Harmony is a magic compare to other elements of music. The tonal-gravitational forces for harmony are more complex and powerful than the melody. It contributes to the effect of the motion in music and it allows the component to

  • The Development of Harmony from Schumann through Brahms to Debussy

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    in C major over a C pedal in the bass. The use of pedal here is later magnified in many of Brahms' pieces, particularly in Rhapsody No.2. In Schumann's "Frightening", in bar 21, the C major chord is followed by a tritonal harmonic leap onto a sforzando dominant seventh chord of F-sharp major at beat 2. This chord, together with a rising chromatic line heralds the return of the tonic key. Schumann has reinterpreted the chord of C major as the Neapolitan chord (the

  • Analysis Of Claude Debussy's ' Preludes '

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    Claude Debussy was a leading composer of the early 20th century known for his impressionistic style and use of non-traditional scales and tonalities as well as chromaticism. Debussy’s Book of Preludes is some of his most well-known and last works for solo piano. Prelude 10, titled “Canope” in his Book of Preludes No. 2 was composed in 1913. It is meant to depict an ancient Egyptian city and Egyptian burial urns. Although only thirty-three measures long, and melodically and rhythmically simple, this

  • The Desolate City Annotations

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    admits doubt regarding the ideal, is marked recitative, and its chordal accompaniment is appropriately sparse. The shift to this section is quick, with an applied dominant seventh chord to B@ minor in bars seventy-four and seventy-five. In a moment of truth, all attention is appropriately

  • Perotin Is Hailed As A Kind Of Mozart Of His Time

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    Pérotin is hailed as a sort of Mozart of his time. He was a scholarly musician and musical innovator . Pérotin is called by many different names: Perotinus – his Latin Name and Perotinus Magnus – Pérotin the Great ; and even “optimus discantor”, or great composer of discant. According to Hussman, Pérotin was a court composer for Notre Dame, but his connection to Notre Dame is not entirely confirmed. It is because of an account by the English traveler Anonymous IV and letters to a Bishop that it is

  • Analysis Of Brooke Fraser 's ' Kings And Queens '

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    techniques and show the development of Fraser’s music over the past decade. ‘Arithmetic’ (AR) and ‘Kings and Queens’ (KQ) share three similarities with its arranging techniques as both songs use common time 4/4 and a major tonal centre. AR is in the key of B major and KQ is in the key of C major. The songs are played at a moderate tempo; AR is slightly faster at 117 BPM and KQ at 100 BPM. AR does not use the common V-Ch form that many pop songs have; instead it replaces the chorus with a refrain. The

  • Bethoven´s Monnlight Sonata History

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    concluded that Beethoven wanted this movement to be interpreted with sensitivity and colour. The bass line is a prominent feature in texturizing the movement. The most distinctive characteristics in the bass line are its Neapolitan chords which are strategically placed amidst chords of double octaves. This prevents the movement sounding too much like a lullaby and adds more colour and tension. The movement starts out pianissimo and diverges between pianissimo and piano to maintain a soothing sound. Its luxurious