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  • Marjorie Lee Brown

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    Lee. Majorie was born September 9, 1914 in Memphis, TN and she died on October 19, 1979 in Durham, NC. She served as a member of various educational boards, such as Women’s Research Society, American Mathematical Society, International Congress of Mathematicians, and Mathematical Association of America. The North Carolina Council of Teachers

  • What Is The Initiation Of An Online Math Program As A Solution

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    The name of the program would be BBAM (Becoming Better At Mathematics) and it would be a good fit for the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) because they are both geared towards the core interest of advancing student’s understanding of Mathematics. Through this program, students will be better able to learn from their mistakes and apply the appropriate strategies to solve their mathematical problems. Occasionally, physical or face to face help is not readily available, however, with the implementation

  • David Blackwell

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    In 1979 , Blackwell won the John von Neumann Theory Prize from the Operations Research Society of America and the Institute of Management Sciences. Blackwell mentored 65 Ph.D. students , wrote two books and published more than 80 papers during his career . He held 12 honorary degrees , including from Harvard , Yale

  • Overview Of The Julia Robinson Mathematics Festivals

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    classroom instruction. We have begun to visit national meetings and fairs, bringing the JRMF message of the joy of mathematics to a wider audience. The Young Innovator’s Fair in King of Prussia Pennsylvania, and the annual meeting of the National Association for Gifted Children saw thousands of visitors to our exhibit booths. The National Math Festival in Washington, DC was a particular success. JRMF organized one

  • Jesse Ernest Wilkins Jr.: The Negro Genius

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    in Chicago on November 27, 1923 to J. Ernest Wilkins, Sr., a lawyer who held a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Illinois and a law degree from the University of Chicago. His father was the president of the Cook County Bar Association in Chicago, Assistant Secretary of Labor in 1954, the first black American to hold a sub-cabinet position and in 1958 he was appointed to the Civil Rights Commission. His mother, Lucile Beatrice Robinson Wilkins held a bachelor’s and master’s degrees

  • Mathematics Is Essential For Life

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    Mathematics is essential in life. College algebra is a mathematical concept that is currently being used in biomedical, mathematical, physics, and computer science degrees. This subject is considered the foundation for advanced mathematical courses. Students typically pursue a University degree in order to get a decent job after graduation; however, once hired, they are deficient in able to solve complex problems. This is due because of their lack of ability to use logical thinking. College algebra

  • Marjorie Lee Browne Biography

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    A Mathematical Genius: Marjorie Lee Browne Marjorie Lee Browne was a extrusive mathematician right from her childhood. Dr. Lee Browne was mostly inspired by both her parents. Though most of her math genius was acquired from her father, who himself was popular in his area as a “math wizard” and passed on his love for the subject to his daughter. Thus, in 1949, she became the third African-American women who graduated with a Ph.D in her field becoming a pioneer for African American women in mathematics

  • Gender Inequalities In America

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    For 91 years, the United States of America has become the sole superpower of the world by maintaining its global leadership and competitive position in both military and economic strength. As jobs and companies are being created around the world to improve their infrastructure and economy, the United States of America must also be willing to get back on its feet and continue to become the superpower it is. As the years continue, the future will be different with in advancements in science, technology

  • Women In Mathematics 1900-1860

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    Many women have achieved in the mathematics field since the 1900’s. Especially women of color. No matter how young or old, these women have taken their careers in mathematics to an inspiring degree. Take the following women as examples, for they have created history in mathematics forever. Euphemia Lofton Haynes In 1943, Euphemia Lofton Haynes was the first African American woman to earn a Ph.D. in Mathematics. Ms. Haynes attended the Catholic University in Washington, D.C. Ms. Haynes father, Dr

  • Birth Of Algebra Research Paper

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