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  • Essay on Medusa

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    Medusa Medusa means "sovereign female wisdom." In Sanskrit it's Medha. Medusa was originally a Libyan Goddess, worshiped by The Amazons as their Serpent-Goddess. She was considered the destroyer aspect of the Great Triple Goddess also called Neith, Anath, Athene or Ath-enna in North Africa and Athana in 1400. BC Minoan Crete. She can also be connected to Africa where she had a hidden, dangerous face, and her hair was represented as resembling dread locks. Libyan Amazons believed that no

  • Perseus and the Gordon Medusa

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    I.Summary: Perseus and the Gordon Medusa begins when Polydektes falls in love with Perseus’ Mother, Danae. Polydektes realizes that he will not obtain Perseus approval over the courtship, but determined to win Danae’s love “by fair means of foul.” Polydektes comes up with a scheme to take Perseus out of the picture. Polydektes pretends to be in love with Hippodameia, Polydektes goes collecting horses as a gift for his bride. “Perseus, when asked for his donation, boasted that if necessary he would

  • Medus The Myth Of Medusa

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    Mackenna Kayser Semantic Essay Advanced Composition Mr. Atkinson Date Medusa The myth of Medusa is one of the most told myths throughout history. It seems like a simple idea of how society perceives ugliness. The myth may be saying that truly hideous people deserved the monstrous things that are coming to them, yet there is more to the story and image of this woman. People have to look into what happened to her that society perceives her as hideous.Society has to think about whose fault was it

  • Greek Mythology and Medusa

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    Medusa Medusa, the daughter of Phorcys and Ceto is a famous gorgon in Greek Mythology. Medusa, who represented female wisdom, was the eldest of two other Gorgon sisters, Stheino, who represented strength, and the last sister, Euryale as universality. Medusa was the mortal one of the sisters. She was known originally for being a beautiful young maiden, her loveliest feature being her long gorgeous hair. She was a virgin, and she was raped by Poseidon, Lord of the Sea, while she had been worshipping

  • The Story of Perseus and Medusa

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    just a human, which makes Perseus a Demigod. Medusa is a beautiful woman but, she has serpents on her head. People turned into stone as soon as they saw Medusa’s face. The story of Perseus and Medusa always interested me. When I saw the sculpture of Perseus holding the head of Medusa and had his sword in the other had I got interested to know more about the story of Perseus and Medusa, I have always heard the story about Perseus and that he killed Medusa but I didn’t know how. I wanted to know more

  • Perseus With The Head Of Medusa Analysis

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    the creation of the Greek myths, various works of art have been created to represent many of the stories that these myths created. One such example is, Perseus with the Head of Medusa created by Benvenuto Cellini in 1554. This statue, as the title suggest, depicts the hero Perseus holding the recently decapitated head of Medusa. However, this statue does not just serve as a reminder of the story of Perseus, but also a political statement. To explore this history of this statue, and the myth that inspired

  • The Theme Of Jealousy In Medusa And The Laboratory

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    In the poems, Medusa and The Laboratory, the theme of jealousy is explored through the actions of female characters who are jealous of their partner’s lovers. Both female characters choose revenge and violence as a way to retaliate and show their strength. In Medusa, the poetic speaker is shown to go through monstrous transformations, caused by jealousy, which motivates her strive for revenge. Duffy portrays jealousy as being transformative and will lead to self-loathing. In The Laboratory, the poetic

  • Analysis Of The Raft Of Medusa

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    photo give a sense of emotion? This is all questions the painting; the raft of medusa answers. Theodore Gericault uses smart angels and pigmentation of different bland of colors to give different sense of emotion from just one painting. The question as a novelist Julian Barnes asked, “how do you turn catastrophe into art?” to understand this artwork, we must look back to the origin of the painting. The raft of the medusa was one of the most important masterpieces of the 19th century. As it was one

  • Pablo Picasso Guernica vs. Theodore Gericault's Raft of the Medusa

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    earliest account of such emotionally exact artwork is the 1818 piece, Raft of the Medusa, by Theodore Gericault. As time progressed people became more politically aware and involved and generations of art portrayed this. Pablo Picasso's Guernica, created in 1937, is a great example of how modern times soon saw a peak in the occurrence of allegorical and politically packed artworks. Gericault's The Raft of the Medusa and Picasso's Guernica are both horrifying accounts of the nature of men that aimed

  • Examples Of Insecurities In The World's Wife

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    Duffy feels like male are leaving women based on their appearance. The poem Medusa clearly shows many examples of insecurities. Medusa is one of the Gorgons three sisters from Greek mythology, famous for having snakes for hair and for turning people to stone. Medusa has always been well known among people, and was well known for having unapproachable looks but Duffy tells her story so that the reader can gain sympathy for Medusa, a monstrous character. The poem begins with “A suspicion, a doubt, a jealousy