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  • Modern Day Methods Of Contracting

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    history will be explained. Also, HIV and the different subfields this virus can be classified in are discussed throughout the research. As well as the where this virus was contracted, about the time when, and how it was possible. Also, the modern day methods of contracting this virus are listed in detail throughout the paper. The process of contraction of HIV through zoonotic transmissions is elaborated. An estimate on just how many of these animal-to-human transmissions that happened leading to

  • Modern Communication And Flexible Manufacturing Methods

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    sourced materials. The main impact of this innovation is to reduce transport costs. However a secondary benefit is better interaction with customers, especially for products with a short life cycle (Kianian et al. 2013). Modern communication and flexible manufacturing methods (e.g. Computer Numerical Control (CNC), 3-D printing, Additive Manufacturing) are all innovations that allow designs from a centralised source to be manufactured in smaller quantities close to where they will be sold. These

  • Galileo Galilei And The Modern Experimental Method

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    1564. “His father, Vincenzio Galilei, was a musician whose originality and polemic talents fomented a revolution uniting practice and theory in music much as Galileo was to unite them in science.”I Galileo is credited with establishing the modern experimental method in a time when most progress made by scientists and thinkers was based on hypotheses alone. He began the practice of testing scientific theories by preforming experiments and observing the results. Receiving his early education at a monastery

  • Human Trafficking Method Of Modern Day Slavery

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    People are raped and have their rights stolen from them in every city on Earth. Human trafficking is one method of modern day slavery. This type of modern slavery stayed hidden from the outside world for many years, but people are now beginning to see the problem appearing in many places. Victims of human trafficking are everywhere and have been telling their stories to help spread awareness. Human trafficking is beginning to grow and prosper through the criminal industry. These things all add up

  • The Pros And Cons Of Using The Modern Accounting Method

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    Explain the pros and cons of using the modern accounting technique All companies that have operation compulsory need to adopt accounting to calculate the profit and expenses. However, there are some methods for accounting and usually a firm will find the most suitable accounting to adopt it. One of the common accounting methods is just in time (JIT) method. Those companies who adopt this method will expect to gain advantage form it. Unfortunately, by implementing just-in-time accounting, there will

  • Rene Descartes : An Inventor Of The Modern Scientific Method

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    Rene’ Descartes René Descartes is one of the most widely known philosophers in history and he is usually discussed as an inventor of the modern scientific method. Rene Descartes was born on March 31, 1596, in La Haye of Touraine. He came from a wealthy family, and did not suffer from any financial struggle. At the age of ten his father sent him to be educated at the College Henri IV at La Fleche. This school was the best in Europe. Although Descartes was appreciative of his mathematical teachings

  • A Summary of Modern Practices in Employee Recruitment and Selection Methods

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    A summary of modern practices in employee recruitment and selection methods Business revolves around people. It’s the people in the business that run it so therefore it’s always important to have the best employee to do it. That is why selection is such an important aspect of any organisation, small time or bigger. It is fundamental to the performance of any business or establishment that the personnel that it employs are competent to fill the role, and enhance the companies overall performance

  • Digital Technology : The Modern Method Of Global Exposure And Communication

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    The term “digital media” describes the modern method of global exposure and communication rather than the actual technologies themselves (such as the internet or mobile phones). When you look closely at the differences between “new” and “old” technologies, you will be surprised that it is a very short list. The use of radio, television, telephone, and picture-taking technologies display images, words, and sounds in relatively the same way as digital media does, only with improvement as to quality

  • Methods and Myths of Traditional African Medicines and its Place in Modern Society

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    Methods and Myths of Traditional African Medicines and its Place in Modern Society Traditional African medicines, and the spiritual healers that administer these medicines are an important part of African society. For many centuries and even millenniums these healers with there spiritual and naturalistic remedies have been responsible for taking care of the African world as we know it. Traditional African medicines have been a greater help to all of society and modern science, but still

  • Artists And The Art Trade

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    Although some of the contemporary works were acquired by the state, it was not until 1896 that the Luxembourg agreed to exhibits works of the impressionists, and it would be even later when state run institutions would acknowledge the full extent of the modern art tradition. In the span of the last decades of the 19th century, art in Europe began to focus itself on new developments in artistic practice. Exhibitions such as the