Merthyr Tydfil

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  • Comparing and Contrasting Jenkins' Poem "He Loved Light, Freedom and Animals" and Bush's Poem "Pneumoconiosis"

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    Both poems have been written about death dying and the loss of loved ones, in a once thriving Welsh mining community. The first poem by Mike Jenkins is a reflection and remembrance by a Father who tragically and suddenly lost his son in a horrific and unfortunate disaster that happened in Aberfan in 1966, where many young lives were lost. The second poem by Duncan Bush in 1995 was written when he was riddled with the disease Pneumoconiosis hence the title of his poem. Pneumoconiosis is a disease

  • health and social care Essay

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    teenage pregnancies throughout England and Wales. I have chosen to compare Wales and England because both countries have been known for high teenage pregnancy. This will be shown a variety of evidence within this investigation. I will focus on Merthyr Tydfil

  • The Social Model And How Stigma Can Be Used As The Framework For Explaining Discrimination

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    15,297 people are believed to be registered as having learning disabilities in Wales (ref). Taking this population into consideration it is essential to understand how local authorities welsh such as Merthyr Tydfil have responded to discrimination and stigma that encompasses the lives of people with learning difficulties The purpose of this literature review is to provide an informative background to the reader on previous research and writings in the area. Deliver an outline of important ideas and

  • Laura Ashley Research Paper

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    was raised in a civil service family as a strict baptist.The chapel she attended in Dowlais (Hebron) was Welsh language and although she could not understand the language, she loved it, especially the singing. Educated at Marshall's School in Merthyr Tydfil until 1932, she was then sent to the Elmwood School, Croydon. She was evacuated back to Wales aged 13, but with so many World War II evacuees there were no school places left and she attended Aberdare Secretarial School.In 1942, at age 16, she

  • How Does Recycling Within Wales?

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    How does recycling in Wales differ to Germany? For my investigation, I have chosen to look at the difference in recycling between Wales and Germany. I have chosen this topic because it’s important not to forget recycling as an important way of life to improve the quality of life for our future generations and to conserve our natural resources. I have chosen Germany because it is roughly similar in size to Wales. I will gather my primary data by surveying my friends and family to see if they recycle

  • Importance Of National Park

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    National Parks: Peak District – Peak District is located in the central England and it is “the first of Britain’s 15 national parks’ which was found in 1951. This national park covers 555 square miles of land in the central England, which spreads over 5 counties, which are: Derbyshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire, Yorkshire and Greater Manchester. There are 10 million visits made per year as it is one of the most popular National Parks in England. Also, this national park offers 1,600 miles of public

  • Essay Ilm Level 5

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    known as South Wales Action to Prevent Addiction (SWAPA). SWAPA was a Volunteer-led information and help line. The first paid Coordinator was in the mid 1980's. SWAPA changed its name to Drugaid in the early 1990's Today Drugaid has services in Merthyr Tydfil, Caerphilly, R.C.T. , Blaenau Gwent, Newport, Torfaen and Monmouthshire. Drugaid enjoys partnerships with a range of organisations, and is funded from a variety of sources including Local Health Boards, Community

  • The Outbreak Of E. Coli

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    Introduction In the year, 2005 a major outbreak of the bacterium E. coli perished in the South Wales and more than 157 people were affected by this bacterium, which mainly included the children. The reason found out behind this incident was connected with a meat supplier who used to serve the local schools and old age homes. A five-year-old child lost his life during the course of this outbreak. Therefore, this paper is written with the aim of exploring the outbreak of E. coli in South Wales, to

  • Cardiff Research Paper

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    Cardiff city is a County Borough and the capital of Wales. The history of Cardiff spans over 6000 years. The surrounding area was first inhabited in the Neolithic period. In fact, there are four Neolithic burial chambers are within a radius of 10 miles of the Cardiff city center. Until the Roman conquest of Britain, Cardiff was in the territory of an Iron Age Celtic British tribe. known as the Silures. Around 57 AD, during the reign of Emperor Nero, the Romans built a fort by the River Taff. This

  • Essay on How Britain Changed Between 1750 and 1900

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    Work Britain in 1750 In 1750 there were lots of agricultural jobs, men usually worked on farms (were laborers) doing physical jobs like: • Looking after the animals • Being a milkman • Harvesting crops • Sowing broadcast • Dibbling • Threshing • Breaking stones The women did a lot more in the domestic system they would usually stay at home and: • Cook food • Wash clothes • Sew and make clothes They were very involved textiles and the making of cloth, they would spin the wool at