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    The novel Sister Mine by Nalo Hopkinson and the Disney film Frozen are both stories about sisters and their journeys where they learn to accept their differences. They share many similarities, with one sister who has powers, and another who does not, and their stories are about conflicts involving their powers; however, there are differences. In Sister Mine, the sister without powers, Makeda, is the odd one out, while in Frozen, the sister with powers, Elsa, is the outsider. The journey of self-discovery

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    In American popular culture, the word “voodoo” has become synonymous with macabre imagery and the practice of dark magic. This notion is evident in the portrayal of voodoo in movies, music, literature, and on the Internet. “Voodoo” is often inaccurately used as a single term to refer to a number of different African Diasporic religions, including West African Vodun, Hatian Vodou, and American Voodoo. Also included is hoodoo, an African-American folk magic that has gradually supplanted American

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