Musical improvisation

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  • The Mystery of Jazz and its Powerful Impact on the Community

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    does a jazz ensemble, showing both the responsibility to a larger group, yet still allowing room for individual freedom. It all comes down to how well others can respect the overall framework and structure of the jingle. Once we understand how improvisation plays a role in the overall tune of jazz, we can then look to how jazz is communicated. To musicians, jazz is a language. It doesn’t limit to a yes or a no, but instead it communicates feelings that show our anger, happiness, sadness, and everything

  • Music : The Means Of Music And Music?

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    Art is an important part in human society. But what is the definition of art? It is something that has been with us since the beginning of mankind and has been evolving ever since. Since that time, arts have been a changing frontier and can imply many things. It can mean art through painting, architecture, video games, movies, etc.. People resonate with a specific kind of art they partake in and in this case music is my prefered form of art because it is meaningful to me in a spiritual, academic

  • Questions On Teaching And Classical Players

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    Sort of a human software, "sub- routine call." To me, not the real thing. Personally, I 'd rather listen to simple ideas that are inspired than impressive, over- thought, over-prepared ideas any day. Particularly when they are masquerading as "improvisation." 2. You will be playing unexpected notes (mistakes) in the best of situations. Yes, I know, we 're supposed to KNOW what we are doing. But to get good at anything, we have to stretch, and stretching means taking risks, and taking risks means

  • Music Therapy Within Children And Adolescent Bereavement

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    Music Therapy within Children and Adolescent Bereavement While the bereavement process may be a universal chapter of life, the experience itself is conclusively subjective. Specifically for younger individuals, bereavement is a very complex encounter because developmental factors must be considered. The loss of an individual in a child’s life is heavily influenced on the time in which it occurs because coping mechanisms may or may not be developed. For example, if a child does not understand

  • Music Therapy Within Children And Adolescent Bereavement

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    as both a mirror and a window for the teenager. The idea of music serving as a mirror reflects an emphasis on the personal, including the intrapersonal and private roles that music can fulfill when there is no expectation of an audience for their musical engagement… The contrary idea of music serving as a window encompasses the social, interpersonal, and cultural functions that music naturally serves for young people.” (McFerran et al, p. 543-544). Within the world of a teenager, the desire to feel

  • Popular Music: The Creative Process Essay

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    this umbrella is improvisation and, in particular, free improvisation (or free jazz). “Improvisation is about… truthfully responding to changing circumstances, and about…. enjoying the process without straining to get a known result. It is about creation.” Creativity and improvisation come from deep within, almost decided by our subconscious, only to be directed by conscious thought and the happenings around us at the given time. “Even without thinking, [musicians] can make musical gestures that direct

  • Improvised Music By George Lewis Essay

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    found interesting and a lot of things that surprised me that I didn’t know. Something that surprised me a lot was that there was a lot of controversy over improvisation and the nature of it. I didn’t realize that that was something that was even able to be controversial. Also I thought it was surprising that there was a 150 year gap that improvisation was removed from this genre of music. George Lewis states in this article “Already active in the 1940’s, a group of radical young black American improvisers

  • The Effects Of Music Therapy On Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder Essay

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    individual settings. It was used with those who lacked social skills, those who needed rehabilitation, for self-expression, for psychological improvement and also recreational purposes (Rescheke- Hernández, 2011). Music therapist use techniques such as improvisation music therapy, dancing and singing, speech dynamics, and rhythm to help clients with social skills, body awareness and communication skills (Rescheke- Hernández, 2011). Children who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder can be treated through

  • Drama Improvisation

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    Drama Essay “To be good at improvisation, it doesn’t really matter how talented you are, but more about giving it your best shot” Improvisation is the art of being able to create ideas in a split second, with little or no warning as to what you are making up. In drama the art of improvisation, and being a good improviser, is absolutely essential. However, there are many different views on what it takes to be good at improvisation. To be good at improvisation, it relies very little on how talented

  • The Challenges Of Movement And Improvisation

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    Movement and Improvisation requires one to articulate his or her thoughts so that anything, no matter whether it's an emotion, an object, a situation, an action, a reaction, or any other thing that comes to mind, can be expressed as a movement, no matter how weird or wonderful the movement turns out to be. When I was first introduced to Movement and Improvisation when I entered SOTA, I felt very self consious as I did not know if I was doing it "right", or if others were judging me. However, I slowly