Newton N. Minow

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  • The World War II : A Nation Of Fear

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    However, the biggest fear for Federal Communications Commission Chairman Newton N. Minow was ignorance. More specifically the spread of ignorance to Americans through the content displayed on television. Minow felt that broadcasters had an obligation to the American people to deliver more educational and enriching content and as FCC chairman it was his job to make sure of that. In his speech, Television and the Public Interest, Minow informed the broadcasters of this fear. The speech primarily appealed

  • Newton Minow Analysis

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    Newton Minow’s challenge is to sit down and watch something on television without any other distractions – that would include your phone. Can you do it? The fact is that everyone is capable of such a simplistic task, yet no one in this day in age would do it unless they didn’t have a choice. Take away our phones, laptops, tablets, bribe us with money, or hold a gun to our head. Then we’ll watch the show with our full undivided attention, but the point is in our society it you’re hard pressed to find

  • What Is A Social Surrogacy Hypothesis

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    Positive effects[edit] Social Surrogacy Hypothesis[edit] Current research is discovering that individuals suffering from social isolation can employ television to create what is termed a parasocial or faux relationship with characters from their favorite television shows and movies as a way of deflecting feelings of loneliness and social deprivation.[1] Just as an individual would spend time with a real person sharing opinions and thoughts, pseudo-relationships are formed with TV characters by becoming

  • Television Is A Vast Cultural Wasteland Essay

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    From its development in the 1940’s to its commanding presence today, television has been one of the greatest means to keeping updated with today's issues, finding information, learning new things, being entertained or even getting inspired. It is also a gain for companies to make money of the public, despite it consequences. Whether it be from reality television shows like Bad Girls Club or credible news sources like FOX News, television just doesn't have any true attributes to the public. I agree

  • Essay on Violence and the Media

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    For example, because young children do not understand the line between fantasy and reality, one may find children "crawling down storm drains looking for them [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles]" (Minow & LaMay, 1995: 33). This example clearly represents that children do not understand that their favorite characters are only made-up characters and that they do not exist in reality. However, many children may act upon their favorite movie or film character

  • The Effects Of Violent Video Games On Children

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    Rebecca Maisonneuve Professor Haynes CENG 102 04 December 2015 The Effects of Violent Video Games On Children Newton N. Minow once said, “Children will watch anything, and when a broadcaster uses crime and violence and other shoddy devices to monopolize a child’s attention, it’s worse than taking candy from a baby. It is taking precious time from the process of growing up”.The media is a powerful tool that in a very influence on children. There are many things that the youth in today 's society

  • Agency Theory Essay 3

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    1 The Fundamental Agency Problem and Its Mitigation: Independence, Equity, and the Market for Corporate Control DAN R. DALTON Kelley School of Business, Indiana University MICHAELA. HITT Mays College of Business, Texas A&M University S. TREVIS CERTO Mays College of Business, Texas A&M University CATHERINE M. DALTON Kelley School of Business, Indiana University Abstract A central tenet of agency theory is that there is potential for mischief when the interests of owners and

  • Does Tv Have a Negative Influence on Society

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    DOES TV HAVE A NEGATİVE İNFLUENCE ON SOCİETY The negative effects of television are huge. To minimize the potential negative effects of television, it's important to understand what the impact of television can be on children. Violence Over the past two decades, hundreds of studies have examined how violent programming on TV affects children and young people. While a direct "cause and effect" link is difficult to establish, there is a growing consensus that some children may be vulnerable to violent