Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

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  • Nikolai Andreyevich Rimsky-Korsakov : A Russian Poet

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    Nikolai Andreyevich Rimsky-Korsakov was a Russian composer, conductor, teacher, and naval officer during the nineteenth century. A talented pianist, Rimsky-Korsakov wrote works such as operas, choral and chamber music throughout the course of his life. He greatly impacted Russian classical music, particularly with his incredible use of word painting. According to scholarly author Zoran Minderovic, “Rimsky-Korsakov's music is accessible and engaging owing to his talent for tone-coloring and brilliant

  • Russian Opera Essay

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    The conspicuous targets of the nationalists were Aleksandr Serov (1820-71), a prominent music critic, Wagnerite, and opera composer, and Anton RUBINSTEIN, a legendary piano virtuoso as well as a prolific composer. Rubinstein and his brother Nikolai (1835-81) were responsible for establishing the first music conservatories in Russia, founded on German models, in Saint Petersburg (1862) and Moscow (1866). Peter Ilich TCHAIKOVSKY was one of the first graduates of the former and subsequently taught

  • Igor Stravinsky, a Russian Composer

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    considered him to have poor skills. His parents saw how much he loved music but didn't want him to pursue it as a job. They enrolled him in the University of Saint Petersburg in 1901. Stravinsky was told to become a lawyer. Vladimir Rimsky-Korsakov, son of composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korakove, was a fellow student at Saint Petersburg. Igor's father died in 1902. His death was a major cause for Stravinsky to become more

  • Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade, Op. 30 Analysis

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    Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov‘s Scheherazade, Op. 35 At the Salzburg Festival in 2005, Valery Gergiev conducted the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in its performance of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov‘s Scheherazade, Op. 35 (Classical Music db 1). He is a highly achieved, accomplished and revered conductor and is considered to have “attained a level of worldly power perhaps unmatched by any living classical musician” (qtd. by Alex Ross 1). All the wile, this orchestra is considered to be one of the premium orchestras

  • Musical Modernism with Claude Debussy, Igor Stravinsky and Arnold Schoenberg

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    1889, he attended the Paris International Exposition, where he discovered the wondrous colours of Asian music that picked up his interest. He was also fascinated by the pieces composed by the Russian composers Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov and Alexander Borodin, therefore he was lured in to the folk music of Russia soon after. In later years following his graduation, after composing his ‘Suite Bergamasque’ for piano, he found himself in the impressionist art movement with

  • Composer, Igor Fyodorvich Stravinsky

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    Rimsky-Korsakov took an interest in the young Stravinsky and ended up teaching him privately in his home. Having Nikolai as a teacher was beneficial to Stravinsky’s as it helped impart to him the idea and workings of Korsakov’s Russian classic style on an intimate level. It must be said that Nikolai was a well-known Russian composer of his time who had worked alongside Mily Balakirev, Cesar Cui, Modest

  • Influential Russian Composers: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

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    He studied under Rimsky-Korsakov until his death in 1908. In that same year, Stravinsky started composing for Serge Diaghliev’s dance company, a partnership that would last a while. These collaborations produced popular ballets such as “Les Sylphides,” “The Firebird,” and “Petrushka

  • The Mighty Handful

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    The Mighty Handful During nineteenth century, there were five major players who worked together to establish the unique and distinct sound that is Russian classical music. Mily Balakirev, Cesar Cui, Modest Mussorgsky, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov and Alexander Borodin. The five composers all lived in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and worked together to created amazing works of music from 1856 to 1870. The Mighty Handful got their name from an article entitled Mr. Balakirev’s Slavic Concert, by acclaimed

  • Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky Essay

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    Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky was born into a wealthy family as a child. His family owned a lot of land, and was very successful. Mussorgsky was born on March 9th, 1839. In Karevo, Russia. He was a very fortunate person to grow up to be a musician. Music ran in his family his mother Yuliah Chrikova was an expert at the piano. As for Mussorgsky's father he also was skilled in piano, however, he did it as more of a hobby. Mussorgsky's father being a large land owner in this time period he owned a lot

  • Stravinsky And Bartok 's Influence On The Modern Period

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    graduated in 1905 then married his cousin Catherine Nossenko (Siohan, 20). Igor, “enjoyed wrestling with mysterious of counterpoint” (Siohoan 15), which explains why he created such a bond with his teacher Rimsky-Korsakov. He later established many other compositions with and without Rimsky-korsakov such as The Rite of Spring and Symphony B flat minor (opus I), 1907 (Siohan, 20). Bela Bartok was born in 1881, in Hungary (Yudkin, 215). Bartok growing up in the same time period as Stravinsky took a