North Terrace, Adelaide

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  • Goldsbrough House

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    the skyscrapers are not necessary in Adelaide during that period, but the interstate debate over building upwards were likely influence Adelaide to introduce the phenomenon. During the inter-war period around 1923, the conditions had got back on track to allow non-domestic building to be resumed, it progressed exactly where it had discontinued in 1917. Thus, in respond to business expansions in Adelaide, tall buildings indeed began to appear on North Terrace and King William Street. Goldsbrough

  • Gothic Architecture Style

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    Introduction The Gothic revival and Italianate are two architectural style which both appear in Europe first and spread to south Australian during the early colonial and Victorian era. The gothic revival style was point out by the emergence Gothic Revival movement happened in England at 19th century, and then the popularity of this kind of style rise rapidly. The basic theory of this style is associated with the philosophical movements. It aimed to re-awake the sense of high church and against

  • australia Essay example

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    *Geography* Australia is the sixth largest country in the world. It lies in the Southern Hemisphere between 11° and 44° south latitude and 113° and 154° east longitude. The entire area of land is about the same size as the continental United States, or about one and a half times the size of Europe. The mainland of Australia has an area of 2,967,909 square miles. The country is divided into six states: Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, and Western Australia. The geological

  • Taking a Look at Garden Cities

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    Garden cities, whether the appropriate concept in sustainable urban planning? Introduction It is widely acknowledged that Ebenezer Howard’s Garden City stimulated many significant urban design achievements in worldwide. Whether the theory is still suitable for sustainable urban planning in twenty-one century has been widely discussed. Some approvers argue that Howard provided the idea of self-sufficiency and limited growths still remain. However, the theory has been denounced because it is too

  • Goal Movie Review

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    “I’ve spent muddy days watching young lads beat the hell out of each other. But once in a while, there’s one that comes along and lifts your heart.” --Glen Foy in “Goal! The Dream Begins” GOAL! THE DREAM BEGINS Production Information Like every kid, Santiago Munez has a big dream. But unlike every kid, he’s given the rare opportunity to make that dream come true—if he’s willing to put his fears aside, travel thousands of miles from home, and hold his own with some of the best in the world. The