Northern California

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  • Northern California Transportation System

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    Introduction The state of California is home to notorious fault lines such as the infamous San Andreas fault. In Northern California, there are six significant Bay Area active faults: Calaveras, Concord-Green Valley, Greenville, Hayward, Rodgers Creek, and San Gregorio Fault [1]. After the Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989, propagating from the Santa Cruz Mountains, caused approximately $6 Billion dollars in damages [2]. Many infrastructure agencies altered their design and operations standards to

  • The Three Causes Of Fires In Northern California

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    Fires in California     As you may or may not know, there are some wildfires in Northern California.  I found three sources on the topic, each from a different view.  Fox, from the right, CBS, from the left, and Reuters at the center.  In short, what is happening is in Sonoma County and Napa County there has been some really bad fires that are killing people and damaging lots of property. News is supposed to be objective, telling the situation how it is.  Just looking at the titles for these articles

  • Northern California Earthquakes Report

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    environmental catastrophes which are unpreventable by human beings. While major earthquakes are not predictable, they could be further understood through scientific analysis of infrastructure evidence made by seismologists. The Hayward Fault in northern California poses a great seismic hazard for a megathrust earthquake. This paper utilizes environmental evidence along the fault line to further understand the nature of this major fault and the probability of a major earthquake occurrence. Introduction

  • Case Analysis: Rjm Enterprises, Inc. – Romancing the Vine

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    $10,000 - $25,000 range. *Question 3: If you were McManis*, what would you do? If I were in McManis’ position, I would purchase the mobile/field press as stated in option 2. A mobile field press allows for conservative growth in the Northern California market while allowing RJM to gain knowledge of the juicing/storage process. It will allow the company to continue to focus on the quality of its grapes without a massive capital expenditure. Unfortunately, a downside to this plan is the inability

  • Northern California Needs an Electoral System

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    Northern California now needs a electoral system because the state which once California is now Northern and Southern California. Setting up an electoral system means more than just determining how the people should be elected into positions within the government, it has to do with a broader scope. The way that the electoral system is set up encompasses the way that it deals with representation, and we learned through lecture that this term representation had to do with “how a person acts on behalf

  • Persuasive Essay: Every Drop Count

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    Every Drop Counts California has been in a drought for about five years. Every year we seem to lose more and more water and it's becoming a big issue to California. Residents spend gallons of water in a day and instead of wasting more water they should be saving it. One of the main issue is that residents waste so much water on their lawn. They’ll water their lawn for hours or just water one specific area of the grass for a long time. Many water their lawn when their grass is already dead or don’t

  • History Of California Sheep Rancher, By Dan Macon, A Northern California Cattle Rancher

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    "It 's like if you woke up one morning and lost 40 percent of the equity in your house," Dan Macon, a Northern California sheep rancher, says. California has been in a severe drought for three years. Macon and other farmers in the state are being forced to sell their stock and find alternative work to pay the bills on top of taking care of their once prosperous farms. Not only is the drought affecting the way these farmers and their families live, but it’ll eventually start affecting our food system

  • Is California A Large State?

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    California is a large state, it contains many different cities and many different kinds of people. Within this state there are large developed cities that have a population of over 3 million people, such as Los Angeles, and then there are some cities that have less than 100,000 people, like Redding. These two cities are located on the opposite sides of California, Redding is located in Northern California and LA is located in Southern California. The larger cities are mostly located in Southern California;

  • Striking it Rich in the Gold Country: Jackson's Miwuks

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    Hwy 88 and head north a few miles you will run into another reminder of Jacksons past; the Jackson Rancheria Indian Casino and the owners, the Jackson band of Miwuks. The Jackson Rancheria Casino is built upon the Miwuk reservation which lies in northern Jackson and borders the city of Pine Grove. An acorn in front of two oak leaves crossed behind it is proudly displayed as it's logo. It is reflective of another culture that existed long before the gold miners rushed into Jackson in hopes to strike

  • San Joaquin River Restoration Project

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    the east side of the valley since 1944. Over 95% of all water collected at Millerton is used to help agriculture. It waters one million acres of farmland and because of it in the last 40 years the farming on the east side has taken over Southern California as the states leader in citrus farming, the value of this is 2.1 billion and it continues to grow. Although the farmers would prosper the environment would still suffer and the salmon run of yester year would still be an impossibility. The east