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  • The Importance Of Big Data

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    Big Data is Large sets of information that may be analyzed to reveal patterns or trends. So how does it start small? In the beginning of this episode one of the speakers says, “Every single data point has a human story.” Today many people are pursuing their passions, while being able to gather data. This data is not only useful for research, but can save lives. Warnings for flash floods, disaster reliefs maps, or protecting our planet — We, “The Crowd” can play a big role in our communities or even

  • Urban Land Use And Transportation Planning

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    Question 1. This approach has several advantages. First, it provides much more spatially-detailed information than traditional data at the aggregate level of planning districts. Hence, using this disaggregate information, we can suggest policy implications to establish specific land use and transportation planning. UrbanSim, one of the advanced microsimulation model developed by University of Washington, uses gridcells of 150*150 meter, which presents spatially detailed structure and enables researchers

  • What Is Dataset?

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    The dataset was prepared from publicly available imagery released by the states of Massachusetts and New York. The data resolution was rescaled to 1 pixel per square PAGE 44 metre and ground truth was generated with OpenStreetMap project. Hand corrections were also done as needed. Dataset overview: 1. Test input – image 2. Output – pixel based classification 3. Classes – roads and buildings 4. Suggested deep learning architecture – U-net for segmentation 5. Datasets: a

  • Discuss the Future of Human Geography with Reference to the Approaches That Have Emerged Since the 1950s

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    Discuss the future of human geography with reference to the approaches that have emerged since the 1950s. Geography found its roots during periods of exploration when man's knowledge of the world was still subject to the imagination. For many decades, Europe and the British Empire in particular formed much of what cartography is today, and environmental determinism was widely used to serve imperialist needs. Many ideas and theories were highly influenced and composed by upper class academics and

  • Disadvantages And Differences: Characteristics Of VANET

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    2. Characteristics of VANET VANET is an application of MANET but it has its own distinct characteristics which can be summarized as:  High Mobility: The nodes in VANETs usually are moving at high speed. This makes harder to predict a node’s position and making protection of node privacy.  Rapidly changing network topology: Due to high node mobility and random speed of vehicles, the position of node changes frequently. As a result of this, network topology in VANETs tends to change frequently