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  • Essay about The Physic of Paintball

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    The Physic of Paintball I.The Fundamentals of the Game of Paintball. Paintball is a sport that is still fairly new in the world being not much more that a decade old. This game as with other sports would not be possible without physics. Physics is essential to the game of paintball. Some of physics that are involved in paintball are pressurized gas, projectile motion, and the impulse of being hit by a paintball. As with all sports there is necessary equipment needed to play. The most

  • Narrative Essay About Paintball

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    One day many years ago I went paintballing, this was no ordinary paintball session as it was the first time I had went in North Carolina and the first time I got to use a bunch of new gear that I had gotten that Christmas. At first it seemed like a pretty normal day I woke up, ate, got dressed for paintball which requires about 2 shirts and pants at least this is my setup, then once we got everything in the car me and my cousin got in the back and were fairly excited as it was his first time and

  • Paintball Essay examples

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    Paintball is a fast and furious sport. It is played on both a social and serious level by over 16 million people around the world (Cooke,11). It is one of the fastest growing sports on the planet. Paintball's history, games, guns, and safety are all part of the fun. In 1970, James Hale, an engineer, invented and patented the first commercially successful paintball gun. Paintball guns were first used by the National Forest Association to mark trees that would be cut down. Then, it was used to mark

  • The Strategy and Factors of Paintball Essay

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    The game of Paintball has become popular in the last few years as more and more people are starting to play. Paintball started out as a hobby, a game you would play with a few friends. It is now a sport that has professional teams and even played at the college level. Some of the colleges that have paintball teams are, Texas A&M, Ohio State, Clemson, FSU, The Citadel, Georgia Tech and Auburn (9). Paintball can be played as a team or individual sport. You win the game by eliminating your opponent(s)

  • The sport of Paintball Essay

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    The Sport of Paintball There you are. You’re hiding behind a hastily constructed bunker made to protect yourself from enemy fire. You can hear the enemy firing on your position, and you can feel the shots screaming above your head. The firing ceases for a moment. You pop out, fire off a few rounds, and duck back in; but as you are going back in the shots start up again, and you feel the rounds whizzing past your head and ear. One catches your sleeve. You glance down. No damage. Suddenly you have

  • Persuasive Paper on Paintball - Original Writing

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    Persuasive Paper on Paintball- Original Writing You were just running, the leaves crush under your feet and are not sure if anyone is following you, but a gut felling keeps you going. Then you come to a quick halt. There you stand unprotected and vulnerable to any one, as the trees close in around you. Then a twig snaps you avert your eyes to the origin of the sound. As you frantically look about; you hear leaves shuffle around, knowing someone is stalking you. You

  • Persuasive Essay On The San Diego Zoo

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    If your child's birthday is quickly approaching, you might be wondering how to celebrate. A party at home, whether just as a family or with the kid’s friends, can be fun, but sometimes it is fun to do something beyond just cake and ice cream at home. If you are looking for something other than a party at home or even just pizza at your kid’s favorite pizza parlor, consider these three birthday party options in San Diego. San Diego Zoo For kids who enjoy animals, the San Diego Zoo is a fun birthday

  • Compared To The Sport Of Paintball

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    Most sports require one to be in shape; however, not in all cases. Paintball is one of the exceptions. Compared to the sport of football or soccer, where it takes years to become professional, amateurs can play recreationally without much training because the sport of paintball is relatively easy to understand. There are various versions of paintball; however, the basic objective underlies shooting each player of the opposing team using a marking device, much like the concept of laser tag. Although

  • Narrative Essay

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    Narrative Essay problems with format It was a normal Friday in March except for the fact that I got my license. So my friends and I thought about what we were going to do now that I have my license. Well, we cruised around town thinking we were hot stuff and that we were better that most kids in school since I had my license before many of my friends. We decided that we'd go off-roading since I had the huge truck. It was a hunter green 1979 Ford F-250 Custom. It had huge 33-inch tires, a loud

  • Descriptive Essay About Speedball

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    professionally in my home country of Kuwait. Paintballing is like a game of tag in which two teams of six people face each other in an arena with inflatable cover. The objective of the game is to tag out as many people as you can with your paintball gun that has paintballs that explode on impact. In paintballing there is woodstyle, speedball and scenario which varies in whatever arena or location that you are playing in. To me this is the closest that anyone can get to a combat scenario and the feeling