Informative Essay: The Sport Of Paintball

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The game of Paintball has become popular in the last few years as more and more people are starting to play. Paintball started out as a hobby, a game you would play with a few friends. It is now a sport that has professional teams and even played at the college level. Some of the colleges that have paintball teams are, Texas A&M, Ohio State, Clemson, FSU, The Citadel, Georgia Tech and Auburn (9).
Paintball can be played as a team or individual sport. You win the game by eliminating your opponent(s) by hitting them with a paintball. Paintballs are soft gel like capsules filled with food grade, non-toxic, water soluble dye that is biodegradable and will not harm the players or the environment.
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The roundness of the paintball will determine how straight the ball will shoot. A rounder ball will generally cost more. The shell of the paintball is real important in how the ball performs. You want it to break on your target not in your barrel. Finally the filling, it needs to be a thick bright colored liquid that is hard to wipe off during the game.
You have different grades of paintballs. The ones that are normally used are the recreational balls. These are the ones used when playing from time to time with friends. You then have mid-range, which is the most popular. Finally you have the tournament level paintballs, which cost the most. These are the best paint balls and will give you a better game.
An employee of a paintball facility says they only sell the mid-range brands for regular play (12). This type works best on the speedball course and for the woodsball course. The balls are not expensive so the customers don’t mind paying for them. To play at their field you must buy the paintballs that they sell. They do this to make sure that the paintballs that are being used are of good quality and have not been altered in anyway.
If you do not play very often your paintballs can go bad. Some of the ways that you can tell if the balls are bad is that they have a strong smell, dimples on the balls, they a warped and the surface is sticky. One of the best

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