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  • Attack Helicopters History

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    The Evolution of Attack Helicopters in Vietnam Every technological advance has a time in place were it grows expeditiously to a point where most of the technology has been developed and from there on it is just a matter of improving it. For example, fixed wing aviation has been around for more than one hundred years and the aircraft have evolved quickly at first but after the first 30 to 40 years they haven’t change from the original configuration much. For attack aviation that was Vietnam 1958-1975

  • Army Aviation Structure

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    operations through movement to contact, attack, recon, security, air assault, air movement, and aeromedical

  • The Terrorist Group Called Isis

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    On our way there we had seen several attack helicopters, I am guessing it’s an attack helicopter company that makes them. So I had an idea to go and try to steal one. The only tough part about infiltrating the company was that you had to have an employee badge. We needed a way to disguise ourselves. So, what we did was

  • Physics research helicopters

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    Assessment – Helicopters You need to research information (using the internet) that includes answers for the following questions: 1. How the turning rotor makes a helicopter move upwards 2. How the rotor is made to turn in a helicopter and in an autogyro 3. How autorotation is used to help land a helicopter safely if the engine fails 4. Why a helicopter; falling during autorotation, could reach a terminal speed without the pilot changing any controls 5. The effect of the weight of the helicopter on terminal

  • Aerial Photography: Capturing Spectacular Images Up in the Air

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    that are taken from a high point or elevated location. It captures different subjects from a completely new perspective, thereby producing shots that are great and unique. Aerial photographs are taken from an aircraft such as drones, balloons, helicopters, parachutes, satellites, kites, etc. Why Use Aerial Photography? Aerial photography can be a challenging yet rewarding experience because it can give you spectacular and memorable aerial photos that are different from terrestrial photographs.

  • The Basic Principle of Close Range Terrestrial Photogrammetry

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    The basic principle of close range (terrestrial) photogrammetry will be explained in this section. “Photogrammetry is the art and science of deriving accurate metric and descriptive information from analog and digital images” (Habib et al., 2006; Habib Ghanma Al-Ruzouq Kim a; Ayman Paper A.F. Habib, K.I. Bang, M. Aldelgawy). Wolf, 1983 defined the photogrammetry as the art, science and technology of obtaining reliable information about physical objects and environment through the process of recording

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

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    CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 1.1 Overview In this modern era, technology may have seem to be taking its limit off, be it in any kind of industry. Where in aviation, the innovation keeps continuing to discover new ideas. World-wide no longer discuss about The Wright Brothers, the main spotlight now has been given to Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (best known for its acronym UAV). This is where the drones and robotics story comes together in much more advance collaboration. UAV is a type of aircraft designed

  • The Medical Delivery Uav Will Use Gps And A Programmable Autopilot

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    Although multirotors on a small scale offer the advantages of having fixed pitch rotors and simpler linkages for rotor actuation, a helicopter with a single rotor will actually have a smaller footprint (Hoffman, 2007; Beckett, 2014). This makes it easier to navigate into difficult landing zones. Small multirotors also generally have a separate motor for each rotor, which would make the

  • Leonardo Da Vinci Aerial Screw

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    Leonardo Da Vinci’s Aerial Screw is said to be the predecessor of the modern day helicopter, which came 450 years later. The idea was to build a machine that would compress air and allow it to fly, like how most modern day helicopters function. Like many of Da Vinci’s ideas, the Aerial Screw was never physically built or tested by himself, but his sketches and notes explained exactly how it was supposed to have worked. This machine was also called the Helical Air Screw, which originated from the

  • EMS Helicopter Pilot

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    the wreckage. However, few have ever seen a truly horrific, heavily gory accident in which a Medivac helicopter has come to rush victims off to safety. Air-medical transport saves lives every day in a plethora of situations. Being a part of the Hawaii Air Ambulance team allows one to be the best pilot they could be in a field whose purpose is saving lives. To be an Emergency Response helicopter pilot requires an extensive amount of skills, certifications and experience. One must have good concentration