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  • The Role Of Cyber Pilgrimage On A Pilgrimage

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    Moreover, there are also other methods of cyber-pilgrimage that are commonly use to partake on a pilgrimage on a daily basis. These include pilgrimages videos on YouTube, virtual tours, and online pilgrimage websites of 3D replicates of sacred sites. For example, a very well known YouTube channel for pilgrimage is the America Media. This channel contains many pilgrimage journeys made by father James Martin. Father James is a Jesuit priest, a writer, and editor for the Jesuit magazine America.

  • Pilgrims On Pilgrimages

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    Pilgrims on Pilgrimages Have you ever wondered how life was being on a pilgrimage in the 15th century? Around 476 AD, there were long voyages taken on by religious folk called pilgrims. These people would go on journeys to holy places that would hold a type of value to these pilgrims. In the 1500s, people living in Europe thought that the world would come to an end. As that time came, the world did not cease to exist. The people went into utter chaos and started questioning the Christian Church

  • The Disadvantages Of Pilgrimages

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    I. Introduction Pilgrimages are the peaceful gatherings of people at sacred places such as, Kumbh Mela in India or Hajj in Saudi Arabia. The pilgrimages at places like Tirupati temple, Amarnath, Vaishnodevi, Jagannath Puri, Pandharpur are a few more examples in India. Millions of people from all around the world, gather to perform their rituals at these places. During these pilgrimages, pilgrims getting lost in the crowd is quite common. Finding the lost person is a difficult task not only for

  • Exploring Pilgrimage Essay

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    Exploring Pilgrimage Pilgrimage is a journey to sacred places that are inspired by religious devotion. The place that is visited is usually where events have happened in the past that are relevant or important to what the pilgrim believes. Pilgrimage is an ancient custom which has changed over many years. It used to be a long and dangerous journey, but now many treat it like a holiday. A very early example of a pilgrim was Hsüan Tsang, a 7th century Chinese Buddhist;

  • Advantages And Benefits Of Pilgrimages

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    exactly is a pilgrimage? A pilgrimage is a journey that people take for many reasons. Most people go on a pilgrimage to form a stronger connection with God, they ask for healing and forgiveness and follow him in his footsteps while visiting sacred places. On this journey people benefit from their connection with God in ways that are too difficult to explain but in the end they find the purpose of it all and the answers that they had asked themselves in the beginning were answered. Pilgrimages bring many

  • Essay on Pilgrimage /Christian, Muslim

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    Pilgrimage /Christian, Muslim A Study of the Christian Pilgrimage to the Holy Land And the Muslim Pilgrimage to Mecca SSC 231 Cultural Conflict and Human Solidarity University College Utrecht May 2001 Introduction A French folklorist and ethnographer, Arnold Van Gennep (1908-1960) gave us the first clues about how ancient and tribal societies conceptualized and symbolized the transitions men have to make between states a statuses . He demonstrated that all rites of passage are marked

  • Pilgrimage And Place : An Old Testament View

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    In Gordan McConville’s chapter “Pilgrimage and ‘Place’: an Old Testament View, he reinterprets the meaning of pilgrimage in relation to the Old Testament. His consensus is the Christian theology views the history of holy sites and its geography as a restriction in a journey toward God. “Christians do not make hag to Jerusalem. There is no one holy place; God does not ‘live’ in Jerusalem even in the story of the Old Testament was never final or definitive,” (McConville, 26). Having mass in our hostel

  • Exploring Why Christians Go on Pilgrimages Essay

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    Exploring Why Christians Go on Pilgrimages I will start this essay by explaining why some Christians go on pilgrimages and will go on to explain in detail the effect this might have on them. I will also share experiences that others have had and the life changing experiences they’ve had. A pilgrim is one who travels to sacred places but in a more detailed form, a pilgrim is a believer in a faith or the follower of a religion who travels to sacred places within or outside

  • Paulo Coelho's The Pilgrimage: A Unique Search for the Meaningful

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    There is no denying the fact that Paulo Coelho with more than a dozen novels to his credit has emerged as a contemporary literary figure of international repute. The Pilgrimage marks his entry into the world of fiction with a bang followed by a big bang in the form of his most popular novel The Alchemist. No doubt, The Alchemist has earned him immense popularity far and wide and established him as a novelist of consummate skill. His other novels which include The Valkyries, Like the Flowing River

  • Impacts Of The Shikoku Pilgrimage

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    Shikoku Pilgrimage Is the “Omairingu” project inspiring or ridiculous? Introduction The Shikoku Henro is a Buddhist Pilgrimage visiting eighty eight Buddhist Temples in Shikoku to commemorate one of the most famous Japanese Buddhist Monks - Kūkai as known as Kōbō-Daishi. This pilgrimage is a training bringing both physical and spiritual benefits to pilgrims through its intensive process. Nevertheless, due to the consequences of rapid modernization in Japan, cultural practices like Shikoku Henro