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    MacManus, go on a mission to fight for justice. Along the way, their friend named Rocco, collaborates with the twins, referred to as “The Saints,” to clear Boston’s evil individuals. The three friends continue their quest together while murdering dozens of mafia members. Paul Smecker, FBI Agent, is incredibly excellent at what he does. He can figure out any scenario of a crime scene by just observing it. The Saints and Rocco are pursued by Agent Smecker. Connor and Murphy begin the family prayer on behalf

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    religious belief nourishes the idea that they can make the streets of Boston good. The Boondock Saints is a movie about religion, family, and vigilante justice. In the movie the killing started out with just Connor and Murphy, but their best friend Rocco begged to be apart of the Boston action. From the beginning, Paul Smeckler was trying to figure out who was committing all the murders in Boston. Until he found Rocco’s finger at a crime scene, and had come to a conclusion that he knew who the Saints

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    justice, and kill Boston’s corrupt mafia leaders. Growing up without their father the boys never forgot the values and traditions their family had taught them. Rocco a previously known low-level mafia member, realised his wrong ways and joined the MacManus brothers. The relationship between the MacManus brothers and Rocco had grow so much, that Rocco was part of their small family. Their actions were so unavoidable that it persuaded Agent Smacker, an FBI investigator, to help them towards the climax of

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    I chose to view and analyze the film The Boondock Saints. There were many different things I focused on while viewing the film. I decided to brake them down into the following categories: narrative, theatrical elements, cinematography, sound, and the overall experience. I will begin with stating my personal interpretations and understandings of the narrative. Throughout the film there are two main characters. These two characters are Irish brothers that share a deep sense of their Catholic religion

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    We watched Into the Woods by James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim. Honestly, when you said we were going to watch a musical I thought, oh cool it’s going to be like “Phantom of the Opera”, or “High School Musical”, but it wasn’t like that at all. The costumes were pretty cool and the special effects were really awesome. I thought it was going to be really boring and dry, but there were some funny parts. I love the way Sondheim tied the sarcasm in with the release of tension and lesions. James Lapine

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