Pine Barrens

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  • Pine Barrens Research Papers

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    What is the Pine Barrens? The Pine Barrens is a region of land filled with wildlife, and many important industries that contribute to everyday life. This miraculous area is found in New Jersey, in the United States, and it covers 22% of the state. Lots of animals and many different varieties of plants call this massive area home. Trees, such as the pitch pine, have adapted to the fire hazard area by the way their appearance is. Many other animals and plants have also done the same to adapt to this

  • Preservation of the Pine Barrens Essay example

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    Preservation of the Pine Barrens There is much preservation throughout this country. One that is most famous to New Jersey is the Pine Barrens. I don’t believe this bio diverse ecosystem should be developed on. This precious preservation should be saved. In these following paragraphs the author will discuss the animals involved, the plants, major parts, and the dangers facing it today. The Pine Barrens is one of the world’s unique nature areas. It is designated as a biosphere reserve

  • Pine Barrens Definition

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    science class we learned about the Pine Barrens. The three things I learned about that I thought were the most interesting included the Pine Barrens, the Kirkwood-Cohansey aquifer, and Past and Present Pinelands industries. Even though the Pine Barrens are in a small state the Pine Barrens have very interesting and important things in and under it. The Pine Barrens is a protected area of land in New Jersey that protects the animals and all life inside it. The Pine Barrens is so big it covers 1.1 million

  • Essay on Ghost Story of the New Jersey Devil

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    children. There are a variety of settings that the story has; however, the most common location that is used when retelling the tale is Leeds Point, NJ, which is in the Pine Barrens region of the state. This tale of the Jersey Devil recounts the existence of a supernatural creature that is said to have terrorized the New Jersey Pine Barrens and surrounding areas for the last 260 years. The teller of this version of the legend is a Caucasian female who is eighteen years of age and attends the University

  • The Jersey Devil

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    The Jersey Devil sipped his wine from a pint glass through a straw and turned his dull white eyes up to mine. We have met together enough times now for me to tell when something is bothering him. We were scheduled to talk about the killing his mother today but, it did not look like he had it in him. “Are you ready to talk?” I asked him. He grunted in his obscene manner in response to the question. Apparently, he was not in the mood for matricide today. “All she ever did was tend her garden and

  • Hiking Narrative

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    when we’d reached the beginning of the pines to look back in the direction of my house. I then fleetingly thought about the kitten in my garage—Casper. Would he be alright until we got back? I really wasn’t sure, but then I just told myself that I was worrying over nothing, and that he’d probably be asleep most of the time that we were gone. We then walked on for a distance along the Mt. Harrison side of the Genesee between the edge of the Pine Barrens and the rocky banks of the river. Eventually

  • Susanne Antonetta's Body Toxic

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    Summary In Susanne Antonetta’s environmental memoir, Body Toxic, she explains the story of two immigrant families who are drawn together from opposite sides of the world, Italy and Barbados, in search of the American dream. Their intentions circulated around building a summer home in the boglands of the New Jersey shoreline. They would soon realize that this is where the rural and industrial waste would gather. The families would enjoy their summertime in the nature that surrounded them, in the trees

  • The Jersey Devil : The Tale Of The Devil

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    In 1735, there was a lady named Deborah Leeds who lived wither husband, Daniel, in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. Mrs. Leeds was the mother of twelve children. “Daniel was a good provider for his family but was often absent and not very helpful when it came to the responsibilities of taking care of the children” (McCloy, Miller). Mrs. Leeds was having her thirteenth child. Having that many children to look after was, as I could only imagine, very difficult. While giving birth, in a moment of

  • The Splintered Old Bench Essay

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    its back against a sturdy pine tree. It beckons to me to come share its secret world, to watch the day and all its happenings from

  • Success Rates of the Re-establishment of the Fynbos in the Tokai Forest

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    the re-establishment of fynbos after the commercial pine had been planted there 11 years to 23 years ago. The commercial pine was originally planted in the Tokai for commercial and industrial reasons, such as to make paper or wood for fire. On top of affecting the natural fynbos vegetation the pine was also jeopardizing the surrounding environment by starving the other plant life of the natural water resources. The cutting of the commercial pine is aiming to re-establish the indigenous Cape Flats