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  • Decay And Its Effects On The Global Amount Of Carbon Decay

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    Decay All living things must decay to balance the global amount of carbon. Decay can take many years to be completed. Some decay more rapidly than others. For instance, Robinia Pseudoacacia, or Black Locust, has a slower decay rate than coniferous. These both also differ from the decay of human bodies. There are also some less substantial things that can decay as well, but are not needed for balance. All softwoods come from coniferous trees. They grow faster than hardwood trees, and are easier

  • My Forest - Original Writing

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    As I was tramping through the my forest in the midst of fall I wandered away from my normal route into thicker undergrowth. Suddenly I stumbled right into a clearing of lush moss with a towering old oak right in the middle and a small crevice running around it, and marvelous view of the sunrise. The place I had, by chance, wandered into was simply beautiful. So for this I named it Great Tree, the greatest place in my forest. My forest is a small three acre plot of beautiful woodland with a variety

  • Preservation of the Pine Barrens Essay example

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    Preservation of the Pine Barrens There is much preservation throughout this country. One that is most famous to New Jersey is the Pine Barrens. I don’t believe this bio diverse ecosystem should be developed on. This precious preservation should be saved. In these following paragraphs the author will discuss the animals involved, the plants, major parts, and the dangers facing it today. The Pine Barrens is one of the world’s unique nature areas. It is designated as a biosphere reserve

  • Plant Growth Of The Brassica Rapa

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    Background There is a drought in California which is in turn affecting the number of crops that can be grown in a given amount of time. Farmers now must find a way to grow crops in an economical fashion while also maximizing each yield as much as possible. However, plant growth can be influenced by seed variety, the amount of water, the soil type, amount of light, etc., and many other variables. For this experiment, we are testing the growth of the Brassica rapa, a mustard plant under the same conditions

  • Descriptive Essay

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    It was our second day in Montana, and I was so excited to be going on a beautiful hike with my family. The roundtrip was about five miles there and back, and it is one of the most highly rated and enjoyed hikes in Northern Montana. We figured there would be lots of other travelers, and the first part was crowded with people. But as intensity increased, the number of people decreased. We trekked up the steep incline on the first mountain, to the point where we were able to see into the valley far

  • Aspen And Pine Trees

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    Aspen and Pine Trees-Science Essay Harry Ip-Year 9(7) So what are Aspen trees and Pine trees? Aspen trees and Pine trees are a type of trees which are used to make paper or products which relate to paper. For example, tissue, cardboard, matches, paper, wooden furniture, houses, etc. There are quite a lot fo types of Aspen trees, but the main three types of Aspen trees are Quaking Aspen, BigTooth Aspen and European Aspen. (Lovetoknow Corp. "Aspen Trees.") Aspen trees bark are usually white with some

  • Pine Trees of Georgia

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    There are pine trees just about everywhere in Georgia. Pine trees have always been important resources to people in North America. Native Americans used pine trees as treatments for respiratory conditions and to build items such as canoes or buildings. Today, pine trees are one the most important timber sources in North America. Pine trees belong to a group of trees known as the conifers, meaning the trees have cones and needle-like or scale-like leaves. There are about seven very common types of

  • The Story Of The Chase : A Short Story : The Chase

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    The Chase The sound of her alarm ringing in her ear was what woke her up so suddenly that morning. Emma knew that these next two days were going to be interesting. She was going to go camping with a group of three of her friends in the wilderness. Emma had golden hair which reminded people of the sun beaming on a hot summer day. Her eyes were blue like the ocean and her skin was pale like sand. As she was getting ready she could hear the thumping of her father's footsteps as he was climbing up the

  • Angiosperms and Gymnosperms

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    PRACTICAL 6 Seed Plants (Gymnosperms and Angiosperms) OBJECTIVES: 1. To describe the features of seed plant life cycle and the concept of the dominant generation. 2. To describe the life histories and related reproductive structures of gymnosperms and angiosperms. 3. To summarize the features that distinguish gymnosperms and angiosperms. 4. To discuss the advantages of seed plants to dominate land and their evolutionary adaptations on land. EXPERIMENT 1: Gymnosperms INTRODUCTION: Gymnosperms

  • Alternative Lumber Harvesting Methods Like Shelterwood

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    The U.S. Lumber Industry is one of the largest industries in the U.S., employing more than 1.4 million people and producing products valued at more than $200 billion every year according to the USDA (2004). The US Forest Industry is unique in that their methods for harvesting lumber are closely scrutinized by private organizations, sectors of the U.S. government, as well as internally by the logging companies themselves. In many areas, old techniques and methods are being discarded and researchers